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Social Vibing

SHARE her excitement by recognizing rhetorical social sequencing.

3)  Recognize when its your turn to talk, and when somebody else is being focused on.

MUCH MUCH of the mid/later game is the chick qualifying herself to you.

Because our pickup model incorporates alot of not trying, you'll notice your best pickups (with NON-party-chicks at least) are with the ones who at some point EARN your attention.

They perceive that they've WON your interest, and plan to COLLECT THE PRIZE (your dick in their mouth).

4)  If a girl tells you about a problem, just LISTEN and change her emotion. Say "Ouch, that's sounds tough.. But hey, you're a powerpuff girl, and you know you're too feisty to let this stop you.. Let's check out x,y,z"

Definitely don't offer advice. If she wants advice, she'll say "WHAT SHOULD I DO?" Unless someone asks me what to do, I rarely offer advice. OR, I say "You know I have experience with this, so maybe later you can ask me about it."

5)  Focus on SOCIALLY VIBING and don't CLING TO TOPICS. This will prevent flaking, and make her feel comfortable around you.

Don't leave on a high note. THERE IS NO HIGHNOTE. There is only vibing and flipping the switches that she needs to have switched in order to fuck you.

by Tyler @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics