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Social Vibing

More on this... If you've ever ran a very good presentation at work or school, and you see an insecure person come up to you and criticize.

They don't realize its YOUR TURN TO HOLD COURT. Their turn is LATER.

So they throw little negs at you. Like they always have to offer advice on how you could have improved it. They can't just say "Good job man".

Or they have to nit-pick subtleties. Like they can't say "That was awesome". They have to first go over their advise on where you fucked up.

For a real life example that most guys on this board can recognize, when you meet up with another guy from the scene through PAIR, if he's insecure he'll do the following:

1- Talk about game non-stop, rather than PLAY.

2- Watch you do a set, and CRITICIZE on what could be improved, rather than encourage.

3- You tell him about something that happened, and he gives you ADVICE, rather than just listening.


When socializing, a good vibe will be set when the reason for being there is to enjoy each other's company.

However, sometimes a bad vibe can be set when the presupposition is that you're there for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with purpose. It has a place, and more of my daily interactions have a purpose than those that are to socially vibe.

However, recognizing that tagging a set purpose to an interaction will often stop a nice vibe from occurring, will help with a pickup.

Insecure people will often LATCH onto a purpose for the conversation, as a way of maintaining it.

Then they'll leave on a "high note" once that purpose is exhausted.

This is a MAJOR cause of flaking. You maintained a conversation with a girl, but the presupposition was that you were discussing an issue. You left on the high note, but didn't realize that you were actually REINFORCING to the girl that you are not socially compatible. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics