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The concept of Demonstrating Value

A girl shit-tests when she is FEELING something that is NOT ORDINARY. When her auto-pilot response has been DISRUPTED, due to your cocky/funny or your awesome routine or your amazing cold read about her personality or whatever. She feels EMOTIONALLY ENGAGED and thus is SUBCONSCIOUSLY WORRIED because now she feels the SEEDS OF ATTRACTION. So she SHIT-TESTS YOU, to both scare you away AND to see if you are the REAL DEAL.

When she makes fun of you or tests you or calls you on things, she is trying to RATTLE YOU to see if you are WORTHY, if you truly ARE what you seem to be (an amazing, unique guy). If she doesn't shit-test, it just means you are not even ON HER RADAR.

This is why FLUFF TALK is generally BAD for attraction. Fluff talk is just chitchatting about RANDOM or BORING shit, like school/work or the bar you guys are in right now or what she's drinking. These things HAVE THEIR PLACE, you should throw it in sporadically during set just so she feels GROUNDED and you are not BOMBARDING her emotional senses. HOWEVER, these things are just PLACE-HOLDERS, they actually lead NOWHERE in attracting the girl.


Anyway, this was a long post. Enjoy it. If you have any more questions, gogogogo. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics