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The concept of Demonstrating Value

Whatever DHV routines you use, whether they be magic, stories, games, gimmicks, whatever.... they MUST be ENGAGING her in order to be USEFUL in attracting a woman. A card trick can be COOL, but if you don't eventually use the gimmicks to ENGAGE HER EMOTIONALLY, (if you are just spitting tricks at her), it is WORTHLESS.

C) Understanding and Taking Over Her Reality

This is the last of my usual method of attraction. Understanding her as a person and thus become a very powerful, intuitive figure.

Girls will love you if you understand their reality. If you show that you understand what kind of person they are. Of course, you must do this WHILE showing you are independent, powerful, and sexual.

For example:

Me: (within FIVE minutes of meeting a chick) You know what? I have an intuition about you...

Her: What is it?

Me: Hmmmm... well, I dunno... I would hate to be wrong and look like an idiot, haha.

Her: Nono, tell me.

Me: Okay, but I wanted to dance.... here, dance with me a bit. *grab her arms and slow dance with her in a FUNNY but CLOSE/PERSONAL way, totally ignoring the music*

Me: Hmmm... well, when I first met you, you seemed like the total bitch type... but I don't know... You know there are really two types of people in the world. Observer and those who are observed, and you are more the observer kind of person. I think when you get to know people they sometimes think you are aloof and a lot of men also think you are somewhat of a bitch... but I dont think that's true, they just dont know you. You experience the world through your emotions and want to make sure that the people you let into your life are good people who really come from the heart. That's why you first when you meet new people you just observe them and try to figure them out before you open up to them. But that's just some sort of protection shield cause when you are around the right people (point to self) and having a lot of fun with them, you can just let go and be yourself. And I think that's what you are really looking for in life, people who you can just be real with and who fully understand what you are all about as a person.

Girl:.... OMG..... how did you KNOW that?

Easy. This is one of the most POWERFUL ways of INSTANTLY creating POWERFUL ATTRACTION AS WELL AS RAPPORT. The flipside is that you actually have to be PERCEPTIVE and able to read people correctly. This comes with experience.


Basically, always keep in mind that you have to ENGAGE her. People will tell you that you should be doing most of the talking. This is true in many cases, but the important part is NOT that you are TALKING, but that she is LISTENING and WANTS TO HEAR/SEE/BE WITH YOU MORE. That is what it means to engage.

Stop trying to think up cool routines or lines or whatever. Those are plentiful. Instead, try to reshape your whole outlook, so that every interaction with a woman is the two of you, fighting against social barriers and norms to try to get to KNOW EACH OTHER. It should very quickly color your whole game and take it to another level.

A good example of this is SHIT-TESTS. You should be actively SEEKING shit-tests. Many guys on this board and others will BITCH and COMPLAIN about shit-tests. But personally, I LOVE THEM. I ADORE shit-tests. Why?

Because a shit-test means you have ENGAGED her emotionally, she is now FEELING something, and thus is reacting.

For hot girls, it is usually their AUTO-PILOT response to be NICE. To be pretty and MEAN is to be a BITCH. To be pretty and NICE is to be loved. Usually, hot girls will not be straight-up bitches (though many can be, the TRULY gorgeous ones will not), they will be POLITE but DISINTERESTED.

Ever go up to a hot girl at a bar, introduce yourself, have her introduce herself, mebbe chitchat a bit, and then you walk off feeling good? BUZZZZ!!!!! FAILURE. All you did was have her auto-pilot, polite behavior kick in. She was nice, she talked to you, and she forgot about you as soon as you turned around. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics