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The concept of Demonstrating Value

Me: ..... Oooookay, we're sooo broken up. Dammit, I was going to just be your stay-at-home bf and watch my soaps all day... [Push]

Girl: Hahahaha jerk!

Me: Hmm... okay, I'll give you another chance... you can cook though, right?

Girl: Yes, I'm amazing in the kitchen.

Me: Awesome! We're getting married... *dramatically/exaggeratedly* Will you... marry me? [PULL]

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the above two interactions is NOT the cocky/funny itself. It's how I'm SUCKING HER INTO MY REALITY. By this, I am establishing a very unique and PERSONAL interaction (through ideas of bf-gf relationship, marriage, breaking up, etc.). EVEN THOUGH this is all obviously PRETENDING and JOKING, she will be PERSONALLY and EMOTIONALLY VESTED in the interaction, because you are not DETACHED, you are IN THERE and ENGAGING her.

Get it?

B) Magic tricks/Gimmicks/Value Routines

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE magic tricks, I love all sorts of gimmicky routines. I suck at most of them, but I've seen them used properly and they are AWESOME. One of the greatest PUAs ever is a magician.

However, there are tons of magicians and street performers and the like out there. How come they are not all getting laid? How come only Mystery has been able to use his magic tricks to pull pussy like crazy?

When the street performers or most magicians do their magic or whatever, they are doing it for the AWE of the crowd. They want attention and respect. UNFORTUNATELY, attention and respect alone DO NOT GET YOU LAID. Tons of chicks can watch a magic show, ooh and ahh at the magician, and NEVER CONTEMPLATE SLEEPING WITH HIM.

What makes Mystery different? Because, if you've ever seen him work a set, he once again SUCKS HER INTO HIS REALITY and ENGAGES HER ON A PERSONAL EMOTIONAL LEVEL.

One of my wings in the NYC Lair uses a lot of magic tricks because he himself is an amateur magician. This is an example of how I've seen him run this shit on women:

Wing: You know, it's kinda crazy huh? Look around this bar... sooo many people out here but over 90% of them are in their own little safety bubbles, hanging out by themselves or only with their close friends... Like, society gives us these amazing, glamorous gathering places, people dress up and look gorgeous and come out.... and STILL, there are all these barriers, these social conventions keeping people from meeting each other. *shakes his head* Hey, wanna see something cool?

Girl: Yeah...

Wing: Okay, picture a chalkboard in your head. Now, quickly, think of a number between 1 and 4. Hold that image in your head.... 3.

Girl: OMG, how did you KNOW that?

Wing: Haha, just a lucky guess... That was pretty cool though...

Girl: Yeah... Let's do another one!

Wing: Hmmm... you know what? I'm going to try something new... I'm going to show you something cool... but there's a risk....

Girl: What risk?

Wing: What did you say your name was?

Girl: Jessica

Wing: Okay Jessica... I obviously don't know your last name. But see this little piece of paper? *pulls out paper* You're going to think of your last name and hold that in your head... and I'm going to write down what I think is the first initial of your last name on this paper. If I get it right, we can keep hanging out and I'll show you more cool stuff. If I get it wrong... well, it was nice meeting you and I'm going to leave right now.

Girl: WHAT?!

Wing: Okay... here goes... see, nothing on this piece of paper. Okay, think... hold it in your head. *writes something down on his paper and puts his pencil away* Okay, what's your last name?

Girl: Arrine.

Wing: *wordlessly hands her the piece of paper, which has a big A written on it*

Girl: OMFG*#($&(Q#*$(!!!!!!! How did you know?!

Wing: *grins* Well, you know... Have something happen once, they call it lucky. Twice... *taps a finger on her nose while smiling at her seriously* they call it magic. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics