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Demonstrations vs Verbalisations

So in closing; always demonstrate positive things about yourself - you make good money, you have lots of girls, you're busy doing cool things. Avoid demonstrating shitty things about yourself as much as possible. Verbalize lower value as a form of humor and irony. Verbalize high value sparsely along with demonstration of it to make a strong statement to put a girl in her place, or to state an obvious truth - that a girl should know anyway, but is too dumb to realize.

Naturals have these guidelines down, well... naturally - it is guided by their state. Conversely, internalizing the guidelines will improve your state, and how you come across.

If you cannot help but demonstrating low value (you're fat, going bald, drive a shitty car, etc) The best bet is to just ignore it. VHV looks insecure and lame, VLV just draws attention to it.

By Woodhaven

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