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Value And Active Disinterest

TD & Sickboy007 skip the line, free cover, admitted to VIP.

Look at the subcommunications. He didn't answer the bouncer's quesitons directly. He barely looked the guy in the eyes. He didn't shift his body towards him. He didn't show any nervousness or regard for the bouncer's physical presence. He didn't even answer the quesitons with anything COHERENT.

The bouncer is TRAINED to pick up on this behaviour, and admit high value guests.

I'm not sure if this makes sense, but this is the behaviour we use in the pickup of high value girls.


Active disinterest can also cause attraction because it engages certain things in a girl.. many things actually.

A few are:

1- She feels that she can become emotional around you, and you won't fuck her while she's in this illogical state (which then its too late and you do) - This is hard to explain, and is a concept that has never been discussed on mASF. So I'd have to post wack of stuff to get you up to speed on this. It's very real though man. Logic is the BREAKS that girls use to stop emotion. When you disengage logic, emotion takes over, and she becomes sexually RECEPTIVE. This is DIFFERENT from how guys get (which is sexually AGGRESSIVE).

Girls become sexually aggressive sometimes, but most lays will happen when they're too emotional to adaquetely object, rather than when they're horny and want to fuck.

Remember the lay report from Ryobi, where I said "just drag her out of the club caveman style"? I could recognize that she was in a sexually AGGRESSIVE state, so I advised him to caveman. But if girls are sexually RECEPTIVE, you need to go about it differently. Different gameplan. A gameplan where active disinterest is fundamental.

2- t engages her "chase" instinct, which prevents the "screen" instinct. Think to when you're at a store, and the salesman is PUSHING something on you. Your thought process is "find stuff wrong with it.. find reasons not to".. If its the last one, and other people are buying it, you SCRAMBLE to get it. Your thought process is totally different.

3- It subcommunicates VALUE, which some girls actually find to be a huge turnon. (like girls who want gay guys because their core desire is trust, many girls just want value and don't care about attraction that much.. the mere PRESENCE of someone with value is ENOUGH to make them EMOTIONALLY AROUSED, so the value actally takes care of the arousal process FOR YOU).

By Tyler

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