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Value And Active Disinterest

These three things are SUBCOMMUNICATED at all times.

Some girls want guys with high value ONLY (NYC JAPs are like this, ChickJunkie's 10$ Opener is good for girls like this, although an NYC JAP would probably pull out her attack whistle if you tried it on them)

Some girls value TRUST, which is subcommunicated through many things. Like when you see guys who are out with their girlfriends, and NEVER turn to face them. The girls always have to do the initiating. Some guys telegraph this, and it telegraphs trust. This is why simlar to girls who just want high value guys (like NYC Jewish American Princesses), some girls want to fuck gay guys and convert them. Queers subcommunicate feelings of trust so strong that some girls fall in love with them instantly. Weird - ask 10 girls and 2 or 3 will answer you this.

Some girls value ATTRACTION. These girls want the construction worker or badboy or the prejudicial racist stereotype of black guys.

There are also piles of PROFILES for this that you can spot, and piles of subcommunications that you can learn (think "AMOG TACTICS" post - what do the out-alpha tactics subcommunicate, beyond their surface verbal level?)


Sickboy007 and I want entrance into an exclusive club. We ont only want entrance, but we want if free and we want to be bumped to the front of the line.

We do this all the time - I sit back and pretend to be a celeb. I say nothing, acknowledge nobody, and act aloof. Sickboy007 is my manager.

Sickboy007: Hey, we're heading up to VIP.

BOUNCER: Are you on the guest list?

Sickboy007: You guys treat us really good here. Actually, we're going to need to bring in our friends tommorow, and we need it Saturday as well. BOUNCER: Are you guys celebrities? Who are you guys?

Sickboy007: (pauses)


Sickboy007: Yeah, umm we'll definetely need that Saturday. I like you guys, you guys treat us good.

BOUNCER: OK bring in you and your friend. Talk to the manager about Saturday and Sunday, I don't do that stuff. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics