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Value And Active Disinterest

So with girls, you can open with a NEUTRAL OPINION OPENER, and this is NOT ENOUGH.

Hence Style's "Neg First" post.

This was derived from "JAP Busting I & II"

You must break rapport, perhaps several times, prior to gaming. Girls will not ALLOW themselves to become emotionally heated (aka; for their buying temperature to increase) for someone who does not pass through their filter of VALUE.

So what does that amount to in practical terms? Here's an example:

TD: Hey guys, I need a female opinion.. Do girls think that the rockstar David Bowie is hot?

HBS: I dunno..

TD: Hey, you're cool.. You guys are smart.. You're from Long Island, I can tell..

HBS: Hey, we're not from there..

TD: Yeah OK.. ummm BYE (turns back)


TD: hahaa.. OK remain calm.. My friends little sister gets this poster of David Bowie on her wall. That is an OLD MAN.. Do you guys like OLD MEN?!?! HBS: Why are you asking us this?

TD: (looks at wingman like they are RETARDED and mumbles).... I'm talking. (turns back HARD, engages other set)

HBS: What a jerk blah blah..

TD: (turns around) hahhhaa, are you guys still talking about me?? haahhaa. (turns back)

HBS: No, we're just saying blah blah

TD: (now commencing NORMAL game) You guys are so cute.. You know, I'm going to adopt you guys, you guys will be my new little sisters..

This is a VALUE ADUSTMENT. Neg first. (I'd also game a high value set differently, but that's another story.. I'd use the same stuff, but at a different rate, direct it at different people, and also alot less of it)

You do the SAME with UG THEORY. Try to gain rapport with them first.

Value calibrations imply rapidly ascertaining what their perceived social value is, and matching it.

Girls are typically only inclined to allow themselves to be gamed with someone of simliar value.

There are exceptions however.


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