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Value And Active Disinterest

Gaming = emotionally arousing (pumping her through states in a way that keeps her happy, aka C&F, and many other ways)

A girl can still CUT OFF who she allows to emotionally arouse her. VALUE / ATTRACTION are DISTINCT.

Value is a FILTER to see if the girl will ALLOW you to attract her.

Think to the REVERSE.

Girls are aroused EMOTIONALLY (they purchase romance novels that are descriptive).

Guys are aroused mostly VISUALLY and PHYSICALLY (they purchase porno and lapances).

A fat girl approaches me, and starts touching me. She is arousing me because she is touching my legs with her hands. She is breathing on me. I'm feeling myself getting hard.

Immediately I push her away from me, and CUT OFF what she is doing. Do I do this because I am INCAPABLE of deriving some pleasure from fucking her?


Men fucked fat chicks for years, back when they were socially desirable (IOW: HAD VALUE). There's no biological reason for me not fucking her. It's just social.

Similarly, girls emotionally cut off men from gaming them. They won't even acknowledge that you exist, or if they do, what you're saying is just cute or entertaining.

Again, they are of high social value, and thus exhibit this by breaking rapport with people (both through verbal communications "why are you asking me this.. go away", and non-verbal subcommunications like turning away from you, not matching your facial expressions or excitement levels, not being responsive to your presence, etc)

Value is established by:

-OUTER APPEARANCE (genetics, grooming, and clothing subcommunications) -SOCIAL PROOF (both your entourage, the level to which the surrounding women are appearing to be unlocked to you (which is made obvious by things they subcommunicate as you are in the area, and girls pickup on this), and the level to which people treat you (ie: are they breaking rapport with you, being neutral to it, or trying to gain it)

-ATTITUDE (bodylanguages and tonalities that you convey, by the words that you say and the way that you say it, and by the people who you interact with in a particular order and the way you interact with them) @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics