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Value and Attraction are DIFFERENT

2)  They "Hey" opener. Walk up and say "Hey." - that's *it*. You just sit there like she's a FUCKING IDIOT for not saying 'hi' back. You don't even face her more than she's facing you. It might take like 30 seconds. You're conveying "I'll talk to you out of social courtesy, but I'm not qualifying myself to you whatsoever. If you're ungenuine, then whatever - BYE." Some of the bitchiest girls will instantly say "What's your name?" Of course if you crack here, you're blown out. This is a FORCED/rapidfire solution to the problem, not ideal but can work in a time constraint. I run a game where I am very unresponsive. Sickboy007 is very keyed into this, because he lives in NYC and plays the JAP scene. I'd bet his NYC-game has fallen apart while we were away. Why? Because the British/Amsterdam girls we sarged (all of Ibiza was British chicks) were super friendly. If you play that game, you're overqualified. But he'll adapt back to the NYC scene soon or maybe has already.

3) The shit like you said, tearing them down fast-fast-fast. They react instantly. It's obvious. Again, your game is actually them gaming you. It's like they're AFCs, and they even run the same lame game that AFCs do (asking you boring questions while looking like every answer is amazing, etc). Bizzarre to watch this in action. Very strange. I've lost many girls right at the lay-venue, for being nice and giving them IOIs. Like superhottie 1 0s that dragged me home, and lost interest instantly once I was nice to them at their place. I've also held it back, and pulled it off. This is why I posted about chasing. Because there is some kind of mental momentum process that gets fucked up as soon as you chase, but at the same time with lesser girls I feel like I need to give them that.


NORMAL girl: -calibrate value -attract

-comfort (qualification phase subclass of comfort)


Party girl:

-calibrate value -attract



High value party girl:

-calibrate value

-she takes care of attraction stuff -seduce


Lesser value party girl:


-she takes care of value stuff, because any fun guy who attracts her has value


By Xaneus @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics