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Value and Attraction are DIFFERENT

Girls, likewise, are trying to shut your game down. This is why when we pass the shit tests too rapidly they start tearing/crying/freaking out. They can't stop what you're doing to them and they can't handle it. I've had girls cry several times on the way to a lay, begging me to stop what I'm doing to them or to explain how I'm doing it. Funny thing - I'm just running proper game, nothing more. I'm just not making mistakes - repetition has built speed and accuracy. Their natural defences to guys heating them up aren't doing their working, they can't figure out why.

Now what we're talking about here is projecting the right things to make her OPEN to being heated up (gamed) by you. With these kinda of girls (I have these in every city, but they are clearly much more common in your social circle), [note: he's referring to Style's models and pornstars] you need to fuck with them hard before they'll even let you game them. Neutral opinion openers won't work without laying down the right foundation of proper value via disinterest - they take everything as an IOI. Even rolling up with social proof may not be enough. I've seen this.

I have tricks to get around it though.

1)  When I have a superhottie introduced to me in my social circle (like what you had with porn stars), I do the following: I use disinterested/powerful bodylanguage/tonality. I roll in and get the girls I know laughing and touching me *immediately*. I ignore the girl. Then I look at the girl (who will usually be open to the introduction at this point, but not much more), and say "oh cute.. I like this one" (or "I like her", depending on how bad I want to diss her - calibrate). From there I ignore her for around 45 minutes minimum. I proceed to work the venue properly, and keep ignoring her.

What's going on here is that she's confused. You came in cold to her, but then said you liked her. She's confused as fuck. She can't figure out what's going on. You obviously have high value, and she thinks that she does too. So maybe you seriously liked her. But maybe it was a blow-off. Which was it??? You'll notice her keeping themselves a little bit isolated, waiting for you to come talk to her. Eventually, when you do, she's completely open. Your game will run effectively. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics