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Value and Attraction are DIFFERENT

Girls game = visual/touch (we like lapdances and porno)

Guys game = emotions (they like emotionally charged drama/convo, chasing, romance novels blah blah)

When you chat a girl, she can shut your game down by shit testing, because you'll stop gaming her in order to justify her accusations. IMHO this is not biological like everyone in the scene thinks. It's purely psychological/social construct. I also have strong empirical data that shows that David DeAngelo's theories about biological evolution are not what's actually at work in attraction (they are ONE way, but that's it.. The argument extrapolates itself in a way that's not sound). IMHO, his stream of causation is flat wrong. However, his MODEL works, so I still endorse his material fully - this is stuff only eggheads like myself would be interested in, and aren't relevant to his actual material. Value and attraction are social constructs, not purely biological. Don't post this outside the Lounge. David D's stuff is dogma in the scene, and I'm not inclined to debate it with the 95% armchair-not-in-field scene. I'll debate it in field where I can show exactly what I mean on the spot - that's it. However, if you're curious, its my belief that value/attraction are entirely social constructs. The frame is perhaps laid out innately (like in Noam Chomsky's language philosophy, how the parameters of language are laid out from birth, and we fill in those parameters by around age 5. However the possibilities of language are finite, by virtue of genetics. The possibilities of attraction are finite, but they are socially constructs like language). I can argue this into the ground. I am fully familiar with the entire biological argument, and my opinion is that it totally fallacious.

Now as for girls shit testing, IMO not biological. Psychological/social.

They want to cut off what's happening, so they shut your game down by trying to turn the conversation logical. This is like AMOGs who are *naturals*, when you try to PU their GFs. They shut your game down by saying "hey buddy, do you like it here? What's your name man.. Where do you come from.. You're cool man, tell me more". They shut your game down by forcing you to go logical and also stops you from talking to their girl. If you ask these guys "how does everyone knows eachother" (classic MM line), they say "her? I fucked her".. Then the girl crawls on him, and he takes her away from you. Again, classic MM being built for specific environments - the parameters not filled for other environments. Mods are necessary. The same PROCESS (assessing the relations in the group) must be fulfilled, but MODS are necessary. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics