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Reading the signs of a

"The whole idea of monogamy dates back to a time when women were treated as property. Men ran the world and made all the rules. So men could have mistresses and concubines, but if a woman cheated she was stoned to death. It is completely sexist and hypocritical. I think you should listen to your heart and your desires, and see where that leads you. To me, that is the only way to go. Fulfill your desires, and seek pleasure. With me, that's what's important. Pleasure is a gift, indulge it and you become a more fulfilled and complete person." etc."

NYC explains why "committed" women are actually quite easy both to approach and even get "very friendly" with:) NYC, ASF:

"Women that are "taken" are different from women that are single in that they are either LESS PICKY or MORE HORNY. Single women are either looking for more than just dick (MORE PICKY) or they have less of a sex-drive so they don't REQUIRE a man in their lives unless he's just what they want.

A chick that is "taken" gives herself to her boyfriend so he can fuck her. Now the pressure is on the guy to perform. Unless the guy is still HOT for the chick, the sex is routine or most importantly... ORGASMLESS for the woman. When she meets you, she feels that DESIRE to be with a man. She feels YOUR DESIRE to please her and take your pleasure from her. It is that ROMANTIC kind of interaction that she doesn't get from her "boyfriend" coming home, turning on the TV, watching sports, feeling her up for a second (lack of foreplay is a MAJOR turnoff) and fucking her until HE cums and falling asleep. As long as she feels like she can get away with it and still have her hum-drum relationship intact, she will fuck you. You would be surprised how many women are "taken" but nowhere near SATISFIED! ... HBs are NEVER without a man. They keep the one they have until they hook up something new. Then they skip off, so if you are waiting for an HB to become SINGLE, you can forget it!

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