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Fashion 101: Summertime!

Tshirts.. ahh.. I love tshirts (in summer that is).

Go for fitted tees in simple colors with a nice graphic print or retro look..
Bands, pin ups, slogans, .. it's all good.
Try to buy one that fits, no bags, they need to be a bit fitted (not skin tight!).
I have a couple of stacks of these. In black, white, oliven brown, blue.. etc.
And..don't be afrais to wear wifebeaters! Be it under a shirt or on it's own.. when properly mixed (and fitted) these things look great.
Make sure they're clean though!


I allready did a post about this.. so I'll just list what I'll be wearing.
Leather "flip flop" style sandals (brownish)
Allstar sneakers (denim look)
Brown, leather (worn look) bikerboots.
For more info about this, check my post about shoes!


My favourite subject (this and shoes!).
Though this is again quite personal..I'll list some of the cooler accesoiries for this summer.

Bracelets, love 'em, pearl bracelets, wooden beads, silver chainlinks, charmbracelets. they're all here.. with an "ethnic" twist (thinkBudhist or gipsy)Leather cuffs (brown) look great on allmost everybody! Make sure they look "worn" by not taking them of to shower etc the first weekor so.Rings, a bit tacky.. but quite a few desigers have them in their collection, big silver rings with pieces of coral or turquoise on them.Necklaces.. try something with a story (good for dhving as I posted before)like a leatherstring with a sharktooth on it, or a silver necklace with a charm or mineral on it.. be creative.. (I'll post some pictures ofexamples)Belts..match 'em with the shoes and pick a nice buckle (posted enough about this, look it up!)

That'll be it.. I'll be looking for some nice pics to post with this info, ok?

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