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Bathing, Clothing and Body Language Tips!

"Instant Comedian" When she starts to giggle or smile at every dumb crack you make, don't book stage time. Chances are she's just interested in you and sub-conciously or purposefully trying to make you feel more comfortable. And never use that "Yo 'mama" joke again... ever.

"Eye Contact" During direct eye contact look for signs of euphoria such as playing with her hair, playing with something in her hands or tapping her feet. Don't mistake these sign's with nervousness. There are only two options she's interested in you or scared of you. So don't rush in. When she looks at you does she smile? Does she hold the gaze long, so long it becomes almost unbearable or orgasmic in itself? Does she flip her hair? Any and all of these signs indicate she is trying to attract your attention. Get up. Walk to her. Ask her if she would like to go for a walk. Take her hand in yours before she answers. Walk backwards to the door. Take a long stroll and talk... maybe more.


"Sarcasm and exasperation" If someone is avoiding direct eye contact, rolling thier head, rolling their eye's, pursing their lips, annoyingly tapping their feet, constantly checking their watch or looking for pre-occupation then say 'nice meeting you' and walk away if she/he pursues you great, if not she/he was not interested or greatly annoyed by your presence.

"Lean Back" Contrary to what you may have heard or what you believe when someone "leans back" in a non-musical environment it is not a goo thing. When someone leans towards you they express interest and openess, leaning back is a way of cutting themself off from you, or what you are saying at that particular moment. The more prolonged they stay back, the worse the situation is (it ranges from the playful push from the table in disagreement to the corss bones style when she leans back crosses her legs, arms and/or any chance you had)

"Crossbones" A term used by players and tricks to describe people who are uptight or very closed or "just won't give it up." In body language it's when someone crosses their legs or arms to show discomfort, nervousness and/or uninterest. Try to make them feel more comfortable. But if it fails you didn't put on enough of a show, they're not interested.


To give the impression of confidence and openess keep an open stance, spread your legs (No reason to go spreadeagle or pull a porn-star) and sit up straight.

Lean into someone when they are talking. Show genuine interest turn your body towards them and listen and always maintain eye-contact even if not in conversation and even if across the room.

Don't cross your arms or legs, it gives the impression of insecurity and uncomfort. Try placing your haeds behind your head, or spread wide across a table.

Make constant intimate touch with someone you are interested in.

Keep smiling. Feel free to get "the butterfiles" when you see someone but refrain from getting fidgety. It makes you look more nervous than anything else.

So that's all I've got for now. Stay tuned, and give me your thoughts.


Play02-19-2006, 07:54 AM
I agree with most of this. Nice post. But DO NOT LEAN IN when someone is talking to you, this shows insecurity and neediness. Dont fall into their frame by leaning in, let them lean in to you when talking.


Vincent Chase02-19-2006, 08:01 AM
True, but once you are into comfort building it reinforces that you are interested and that you are paying attention, at least that's how it is subconciously translated by your target.
There is a right time and a wrong time for everything in PU. Once she's attracted to you, you can relax your defenses a hair, showing neediness is translated by woman as co-dependancy, she will fell like you need each other at least on some levels, that's what part of the concept of compliment addiction and negging is about, you treat them in a way they've never been treated before and for that you become their drug and you control their supply, so you ultimately control them, showing this vulnerabilitygives them a sense of duality, the feeling of a mutual bond, this will indefinately lead to an 4-close or f-close faster. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics