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Bathing, Clothing and Body Language Tips!

Every man, boy and child should go to their local department store and pick up packs of 10 Blank white T-Shirts (They come in 10 packs,
no breast pockets.) 10 Plain Black T-Shirts, 5 Plain white V neck Tees, and 5 wife beaters any color. These make great undershirts,
tehy are the best clothing to lie around in at home or when waking up at 2 PM, are excellent pajama's and 100% cotton... what does
that mean? That means she can pry them of you like they weren't even there, plus she looks super cute when she wears them.

Lessons. Collared shirt's should be used sparingly, Polo shirts are a definate No-No, t-shirts are the ultimate in comfort and chic. Hanes kicks ass.

The Loincloth

Rule #1. Speedo's are only acceptable if you are a professional swimmer
Rule #2. Male thongs are a definate don't unless your name starts with Steve and ends in "-O"
Rule #3. Throw away those kiddie boxers, your underwear should be plain or have a simple desgin. No characters, no sayings, no logos. (Unless they were a present)
Rule #4. Get rid of your breifs... NOW!
Rule #5. Replace with boxer breifs if you must.
Rule #6. If you own a pair of bikini style undies, you better be packing so bad that you're making rulers cry

There's nothing worse then getting down to your skivees all hot and heavy, only to have her put her shirt back on at the sight of your Family Guy boxers... or your tighty whities. There are 3 options in my opinion. Comfort! The Classic Boxer; plaid, plain, striped. Support! The Boxer Brief; makes your tiny box seem like a monster package. And, Sexy! Now this one depends entirely on whom your sexing, Lisa age 40 doesn't get as turned on by a male g-string as Krystal age 23. Tailor this one to your partner(s) liking.

I swear by underarmour and hanes... best underware period.

Designer Clothes

Eh... Go ahead. I wouldn't wear any "Big Name" labels like Sean John or Dolche and Gabbana because it's too commercial, expensive and overly hyped. Their clothes aren't any better than what your girl picked you up at T-J Maxx. The recognition are all that makes a significant difference.
The only designer I wear is Hugo Boss ( ( because Hugo knows clothes.

Body Language

You've heard it before. It's been thrown around, and you may or may not have picked up on it but the fact is that the key to understanding women and people in general lies in their body language. Sub-conciously we are sending each other signals of how we REALLY feel or what we are TRULY thinking. Not only should you learn what signals you are giving, but what signals to give and how to read the signal of others.

I don't have the time, or room, to cover all the amazing subtlties of body language but I will cover some key points but they should be sufficent for our purposes.

There are only two types of gestures Stripped and Clustered, basically one is a gesture of openess and ambiguity the other is a closed with a resounding "Don't touch me there!" Something you must understand, though, is that these gestures may not be a reflection of someone's opinion of you. For instance your best bud may be acting like a dick and pushing a lot of closed gestures but it not you he's mad at he just got schooled on the B-Ball court. The lesson for males and females? Just cause they are heavily clustered, doesn't mean they're not interested, chances are they just had a bad day.


"All in" When someone is truly interested in what you are saying or just plain interested in you their whole body will be turned towards you, face's lock and bodies parallel.

"Comfort" When someone is comfortable around you look for tell tale signs. An open body, uncrossed legs, exposed inner arms and a lean of posture. The BIGGEST sign, the absoulte largest sign of comfort is touching. I'm not talking about a handshake or a hug after a date, I mean un-neccesary, numerous and possibly erotic touching. Rather than tell you you have ketchup on your arm she/he wipes it off, I CANNOT STRESS HOW BIG FACTOR THIS IS!

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