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Vincent On Fashion

But again, I ramble! You want to know cool colors that would look good on you! well like I said at the begining of this whole ordeal, "I don't know you." If I knew you I could pick out your clothes and match color schemes to you... but I don't. So, you and whom ever you trust will be the ultimate judges of what looks good on you, all I can do is offer a hand!

Fair Skin

Good colors, good...

Turquoise [Complements blue eyes and blonde hair great.]

Mauve [Famous quote: "Mauve is just pink trying to be purple."]

Baby blue [To be honest, this looks good on EVERYBODY.]

Brown [Stick to lighter hues of brown if possible.]

Beige [Khaki's darker brother, a watered and grayed down brown.]

Off-white [Specifically creams and light blues.]

Vibrant/Fluorescent blue [Screams out confidence.]

Bad Colors! Bad!

Black [Even if you're trying to look "Goth" black is a bad choice.]

Red [Anything besides a vibrant, rich red is going to make you look like a clown.]

Orange [My favorite color! It's just going to exagerate how tan you aren't.]

Medium Skin (Tan)

...You can pull of just about any color if you're tan. Honestly. Try it out. Tan people look good in everything. (Which is why we all should get in the sun more.)

...I guess just stay away from horizontal stripes and baggy clothes...

...Lucky bastards.

The Dark Side... is the good side

Colors you look your best in:

Pink [Anybody can look good in pink, only you look great in it.]

White [Adds apop of contrast to those darker skin tones.]

Khaki [Beige works great too!]

Blue(s) [Any blue really, lights, vibrants, babys to navys.]

Gray [The only skin type that can pull of gray and look "Sexy."]

Red [All shades again, bright reds to rich burgundys and vinos.]

Oranges and Yellows [Mix with reds for an extra Firery appeal.]

Light Purple [WARNING: You WILL get hit on.]

Obviously these colors are dependant on more than just your skin tone, and not every colors works for every man, so experiment, and remember that the final descion is up to you, why? Because you have to know you look good!

I planned on having more material but my hands are getting tired, and the "fasten seat-belt" sign came on, I'm heading back to the tundra, here i come Wisconsin! If you've got questions or comments then feel free to post them or PM me, i'm available on most popular chat and IM programs so you can probably reach me on there, and if you're going to ask what the next VC Swagger article is, it's on Initiating Kino so don't ask.

Alright guys, good luck, and as always I hope I hepled! This is the segment where I hit "submit new thread."

See you in the field. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics