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Vincent On Fashion

So you think it's cold outside and you layer with a sweater on top of a polo shirt, ontop of an A-Shirt... but then you get outside and it's a sweltering and sunny seventy degrees! What do you do? Well you take off the sweater and sling it over your shoulder. Then you get to work and guess what? The scretary has over estimated the power of the AC and has it turned to 50... The only kind of shrinky dink that no one likes, eh? So put your sweater back on and, ahhhhh, comfort again. 7 o'clock, time for a business meeting at an art gallery, okay, no sweat... actually, yeah it is. The gaalery owner apparently has a cold and subsequently turned the heat to a ball sack to thigh inducing 80! Well, take off the sweater and polo, drape them over your fore arm until you find a hanger, or set them behind your lower back when you sit. Now go home comfortable.

So now you like the idea of layering, wanna try it out? Okay, here are some tips to help you!

First select the items you are going to layer, each of these items should be a suave piece on it's own and should look good on you (look at the color tips below.) Make sure that the quailty of each is relative to the others, you don't want to match your $100 custom tailored shirt with a sweater vest you picked up at K-Mart, unless it looks and feels like $100.

Another thing to not is that you want to put the more skin comfortable items closer to your body, if you like the feel of cashmere better then silk then go ahead and wear the cashmere, just also keep in mind that lighter garments SHOULD be put on first, having a silk dress shirt over a cashmere sweaer is a bit awkward to some people, but if you like it then does it matter?

Try to avoid monochromatic schemes, in fact the more vibrant and varied the colors, generally speaking, the better. (More on color in a bit.)


Layering can be done simply by a long shirt underneath of a Tee, true this is a bit "teen looking," but done right it can be a very good look. I know that there is a picture from Styles Annihilation Method Report of him wearing a collared button down underneath a Tee.

Think of layering like this: Texture & Type

You do not want two shirt of the same texture or type. Having two t-shirts, one on top of the other, is a pretty weird look, few can pull it off. Having two cashmere sweaters, one on top of the other, is not only a weird look but also a self made sauna. Combine different shirt types and textures (a.k.a. Fabrics/Weaves/Processes/Thread Count and etc.)

Cottons with animals cloths, polyester with alpaca and so on and so forth, varitaions in color texture and garment type!

That's the base of layering, but there are many nuanances and such that the average joe needn't be concerned with them, however, one thing you should note is that you shouldn't layer more than 3-shirts, maybe try a Button Down Collared underneath a Suit Vest underneath a a nice sweater. Make sure that your colorsand patterns complement each other and that at least SOME part of each garment can be seen,in the image I have in my head the cuffs and collar are visible as are approximately two or so inches of the vest, the sweater is of course a V-Neck, something every man should have.~PH~


A lot of guys have issues with colors, for some reason they like to stick with neutral colors. Black and browns and navy's and even... WHITE!!!!!

These people underestimate the power of color, did you know that you can make people more comfortable around you just by wearing the color yellow? Didyou know that you can achieve all the benefits given by the colors red, blue, pink and black simply by wearing the color purple? And do you know what goes great with purple? Green and yellow! Wear a purple hirt with accent of gold and green, (which complement each other great by themselves,) and you cover as many bases as possible! You heard it here first! Purple is the new pink! Throw out your pink shirts! I hear guys always talking about how guys are afraid to wear pink... unfortunately for them they didn't read in cosmo that more than half of men between the ages of 19-27 have pink shirts. That's a couple million, now think about the last time you saw a guy in purple? Exactly. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics