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The Baby's Guide to Exercise

2. Your workouts must be progressive, varied and intensive. Your body learns to become more efficient as it is made to do the same workouts. Ensure you radically change your workouts every 4 weeks. You must surprise your body by mixing up your routines - this can be done by:

i. Changing your rest period between sets e.g. 30 seconds instead of 1 minute

ii. Changing the number of reps per set and sets per move

iii. Continuously increasing the weight by 3% each week

iv. Doing the moves you "hate" doing. These will be ones which make you uncomfortable or you are not good at.

1. Focus on large compound movements - large compound movements demand the biggest energy requirement, work the most number of muscles and release growth hormone into your body giving you maximum benefit in minimum time. Try to incorporate as many of these moves into your workouts as these will radically change and improve your physique.

2. Train with free weights - free weights put your muscles under the most amount of stress as they force you to use your stabiliser muscles versus machines which lock your muscles into a fixed range of motion. The only machines I would recommend are the cable crossover, shoulder fly, rear deltoid fly and the abdominal crunch up machine which you lie down in and add weight to one end.

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