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Eliminating Bad Breath

This is what you do. Get a clean glass with 1 part water. (for this example, I'll use 25ml as one part water) Add salt to the water. (the salt is use as an abrasive) Add one part HP (25ml for this example) into the salty water mix. Take the solution, and simply gargle and swish it around your mouth for minimum of 1 minute. Two minutes is ideal though. Use a stop watch if you have to. Make sure you gargle well to get to your back of your throat where a lot of the BB bacteria grow. Then spit it out and rinse with plain water. You don't want to swallow the HP mix.

Step 5: Changing The Environment

Get some backing Soda. Don't take the one that's sitting in that back of your fridge absorbing all the bad odors lol…. Backing soda is very alkaline (the opposite to acidic) and as such, will lower the acidity of your mouth, witch will create an environment opposite of what BB bacteria thrive in.

Mix 3 parts backing soda with one part salt. Get a clean glass. Mix the backing soda/salt with one part water. Do the same as step four. Gargle and swish it around your mouth for at least one minute, two minutes is ideal. Again, use a stop watch if you have to. Spit it out once you done, and rinse with water.

Tip: When "gargeling" in Step 4 - 5 to reach the far back regions of your throat, tilt your head back, open your mouth wide, and try sticking your tongue out when you gargle. This will open up the back of your throat, and let you clean the back of your throat that you normally wouldn't be able to reach. To me, this is very easy to do, but when you first try it, some people may have trouble and find that it makes them choke. Just go easy when you first try this. Tilt your head back, start grageling. Then slowly open your mouth until you feel comfortable. Then slowly stick your tongue out until you feel comfortable. Should be easy for most people to do.

Perform steps 1-5 twice a day, (except for flossing witch should be done once a day) or right before you go out gaming. That's it! Should only take about 5 min. One thing to remember, this is not a I'll do it once, and my BB will be gone. The goal here is to change the environment of your mouth so BB bacteria can't survive. It may take a few day's, or if you have severe bad breath, it may take a week. But use it twice a day, everyday, and you WILL ELIMINATE your bad breath forever, and virtually eliminate any future cavities and gun disease.

Preventing Cavities & Gum Disease

Without getting technical, cavities are caused by bacteria witch eat away at your tooth. Step 4 and 5 in conjuction with Step's 1-3 will work miracles at preventing you from ever getting another cavity and virtually eliminate your chances of getting gum disease by killing those batteries that cause the problem. I used to brush twice a day, everyday and floss regularly. But yet I would still always get cavities no matter what I did. Since I started using Step 4 and 5, I haven't had a cavity in years..

Before I finish, I just want to point out a few more thing you should do to keep your BB down.

BB bacteria thrive in a Dry mouth, so keep your mouth wet. Make sure you drink lot's of water. Try not to breath out of your mouth, try not to spit to much, as saliva help keep BB down. Gum helps to keep your mouth salivated as well, but if you have BB, gum will not get rid of it, only mask it. Don't use strong mints. Kissing someone with a strong mint breath is not always pleasant. People take these thinking it will freshen your breath. The freshest breath you can have is no smell at all. Follow this guide, and that's what you will have. Stay away from mouth wash such as Listerine and Scope. They claim to kill bad breath causing bacteria. Can you say Scam? They do not work. I could write an entire article on why, but I won't get into that. They also have a strong smell that I personally don 't like. Kissing someone after they use Listerine is nasty! Stay Away from Over the counter mouth wash! Obviously, smoking is very bad for your breath as well.

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