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How To Swiftly Detect And Eliminate Women Who Are Wackos, Low-Lifes, Crazies And

She drinks or uses drugs to excess. If she gets riotously drunk every time you go out, consider the fact that you may have an alcoholic on your hands. Sure, they can be fun for a while, but I personally would rather not be with a woman who loves Jack Daniels more than she does Ross Jeffries.

She does not keep appointments or commitments. I don't know how "flakes" are manufactured; I suspect that they were raised by parents who put enormous pressures on them to perform on cue, so now they have a polarity response and refuse to do anything unless they feel like it at the moment! If a woman doesn't do as she says she will, dump her or use a "quick-lay" strategy.

She asks for a favor BEFORE you've even gone out! Maybe she needs a ride, or some money, or even her car washed.
To hell with these evil little Nazi douche-bag exploitation queens. Fuck and dump time, good buddy! And DON'T DO HER THE FAVOR. TELL HER YOU'LL DO IT AFTER YOU GO OUT!
In summation, I'm no bible thumper, but scripture does say something very, very wise on the subject:

"A good woman, who can find her? Her price is beyond pearls."
Use the uptight/upright scale, and get yourself a STRAND OF THEM!

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