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How To Swiftly Detect And Eliminate Women Who Are Wackos, Low-Lifes, Crazies And

Believe me, lots and LOTS of ladies would not have hesitated to take advantage of this. But not Lisa. After talking to me for awhile, she realized that I really didn't need her products and she wouldn't let me buy them! She said she didn't feel right about making a sale to someone who could get a cheaper product that would do the same job for the particular need they had!

That, my friends, is integrity and UPRIGHTNESS.

Other qualities that go into this: Is she a giver? And, just as importantly, can SHE receive good things from YOU? Without feeling uncomfortable about it? One of the sure signs that you've got a sicko on your hands is she can't accept someone's being good to her.

Someone once described a good friend of mine this way: "She's really great to anyone who can take it."

Pick a girl who can take it.

When you meet a lady, size her up as the two of you spend time together, and try to put her on the uptight/upright scale.

Here are some early tell-tale behavioral cues to let you know you're dealing with someone who is NOT going to get a favorable spot on the scale:
She talks about sex on the first date. Any woman who does this either has no class, or, far more frequently, is a prickteaser. If a woman talks about sex on the first date, or even pulls out a dirty drawing or photograph to show you (believe me, I've had it happen) don't get hot and bothered! This is a sign of a sicko, believe me! Your best response is to act a trifle shocked and say, "I think talking about these kind of things with someone you hardly know is kind of vulgar, don't you?" Or, even more effective, "You know I find people who have to talk about sex right off the bat usually have a real problem with it!"
That will REALLY PUT HER IN HER PLACE. She may even try to prove you wrong, by fucking you later that night. But generally speaking, you've got a JASL member on your hands and are best off calling it an early evening. Tell her you forgot that you have to drive out of town really early the next day for a Three Stooges convention. Have some fun with it, but forget her, FAST!

She keeps you waiting a long time when you go to pick her up or does something else that is darn rude either at the beginning of the date or later on.
Maybe she'll pull a flaky stunt like having you wait in the living room, while she makes a quick call. Then she'll get on the phone and chat with a girlfriend for an hour or so.

Women like this are looking for a man who's going to ABUSE THEM EMOTIONALLY. They are testing you right off the bat to see if you'll be patient and understanding and if you are, YOU ARE OUT! She ideally would like you to pull the phone out of the wall, grab her by the hair and either drag her out the door or walk out, with her running after you.

If the chick pulls something like that, you have to make a decision. Either give her what she wants, by aggressively telling her what an asshole she is and turning to walk out in which case she'll fall in love with you right then and there. Or, decide she's not worth wasting the time, wave politely, and get lost. Or, wait patiently for her to finish the call and then skip the date and screw the chick right there, using a quick-lay hypnosis strategy. She certainly doesn't deserve any better treatment!

By the way, you may find it quite a mind-expanding trip to play the abusive asshole just once in your life! It is a far weirder and more mind blowing experience than any drug you might ever use - it's like being a new person, being reborn in a new personality and body. Try it, if only to see what it is like and to add to your personal flexibility.

She starts talking about her past boyfriends or other guys she's currently dating. This is more easily dealt with and not necessarily cause to relegate her to the "lowlife" category. Just tell her you'd really rather not hear about it. This will establish you as having some balls and then you will have passed her little test.

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