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How To Swiftly Detect And Eliminate Women Who Are Wackos, Low-Lifes, Crazies And

author:         "Artorius"
date:            Tue, 10 April 2002 18:24:00 GMT
subject:       How To Swiftly Detect And Eliminate Women Who Are Wackos, Low-Lifes, Crazies And Scum...Many women with great personalities have terrible characters. I've met women who are witty...

I wish the world were fair. If it were, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this. I'd be a an independently wealthy multi-millionaire playboy, on my own beautiful tropical island, surrounded by the entire UCLA Women's Volleyball team thinking up new ways to be nice to me.


But life ISN'T fair. And one of the most unfair realities is that MOST of the women you meet are not going to be decent, intelligent, together pinnacles of love, joy and self-esteem, dying to meet you and fulfill your life in every way possible.

Nope. Most women are seriously dinged in one way or another.

Maybe it's the impossible expectations of society that does it. Maybe it's the horrible early training or just biology. Whatever the reason, it is a fact you must be prepared for.

So many times I would fall head over heels in love with a woman just because she had a few characteristics I really liked. I think I did it because I truly do like people and enjoy the feeling of liking someone.

But man, did I get my head kicked in.

Tattoo this on the inside of your eyelids: Just because a woman is gorgeous or fun or smart or (fill in your favorite here) doesn't say BEANS about her character.

Many women with great personalities have terrible characters. I've met women who are witty, brilliant and tons of fun and GORGEOUS to boot who would have no second thought about stealing you blind in a second. Or doing whatever whim crossed their mind at the moment.


Charming flakes like this can really put your head (not to mention other parts) through the ringer.
Then their are ladies with great personalities, great characters, and even great looking. But they have one small problem:

That's right. If you've ever read George Orwell's classic book, l984, you know how the totalitarian government did it's level best to discourage people from enjoying sex. They were successful to such an extent that people viewed sex as they would a disgusting minor medical procedure like having an enema or popping a boil.
They even had a group for youngsters called THE JUNIOR ANTI-SEX LEAGUE.
Well, l984 may have been fiction, but the JASL isn't. I've used to date many of it's members!
The best way to deal with all of these various varieties of low-life females is to take the same tact you'd take with cancer: EARLY DETECTION AND SWIFT REMOVAL.

To aid you in detection, I've designed what I call rather modestly the JEFFRIES UPRIGHT/ UPTIGHT SCALE. It allows you to quickly size up a girl to let you know if she's got relationship potential or if she deserves no more than having one of the "quick-lay" strategies pulled on her.
The vertical scale measures her enjoyment of sex. Not necessarily performance, but enthusiasm and genuine pleasure she gets out of it. Naturally, you'd want someone with a low "uptight score."

The horizontal scale measures her character, how "upright" she is. Lots of things go into this: is she warm? Does she treat people, especially strangers, with respect? DOES SHE DO WHAT SHE SAYS SHE WILL? Is she honest?

This last is most important. I once worked with a girl who I consider to be one of my models for uprightness. In addition to her regular job, which she worked with me, she sold certain door to door kitchenware/soap products. She knew I had an incredible crush on her, and would buy anything she slapped down in front of my face.

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