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What Effect Will Seduction Going Mainstream Have on The Game

More Quality Women in the World
As more men study seduction, it won't become more competition for a select 10% of the population. As men increase their self-esteem and self-worth, and know they're attractive, they'll demand more. They'll demand a woman that treats them well and takes care of herself. A woman who is healthy and attractive as well as cultured and caring.

As a result, the "average man" will be far better off, settling for much less. At the same time, the class of "elite man" will grow. Formerly just athletes, movie stars, and the very wealthy, there will be many men out there that are very desirable a catch. As such, the women on the fringes of the most beautiful will want to work harder to improve themselves to get these men.

It's literally changing the world. By improving yourself, so you have standards and demand excellence out of women, you're doing your part to make women around the globe more attractive. This is one of the reasons I enjoy teaching so much: Not only am I helping men become much, much more attractive. I'm also setting the bar high for the women that want to date us. In the process of becoming healthier, balanced, and caring, they will become better people too.

By Dimitri

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