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What's the Attraction?

So no cost? Free? Must be worthless.

That little stuffed tiger the man got so excited about when he won? Would he even take it if it were being given away on the streets as a promotion for a sugary cereal?

Probably not.

The more effort a woman puts into an interaction with a guy, with pleasing or impressing him, or handling logistics so they can see each other, the more she'll be attracted to him. Since his cost is high, his worth must be high too.

But there's more to compliance than just work and effort.

Listen to a woman talk to her friends who is really, really attracted to her boyfriend. Does she go on, gushing about how he's absolutely perfect and she wouldn't change anything about him if given the change? Oh no!

Women who are very attracted to their boyfriends are often complaining about how he's such a jerk, or doesn't take care of her, or has bad habits or whatever else.

The reason is that accepting things she doesn't like is compliance too. If she accepts something about him that's not ideal in her mind, then he must be even MORE worth it in his other areas. That's another reason Kaz was such a heartbreaker - The girls would think, "I don't normally like Asian guys. He must be something really special." Then he'd still see other women, have condom wrappers at his place, lipstick on wine glasses and all sorts of unsubtle things like that. And a few women would stop seeing him right then, but of the girls that stuck around - they got even more attracted.

When a woman is forced to work for something, she'll feel like she deserves it and want it even more. To have a woman really attracted to you, she'll need to feel like she deserves you. This comes down to attainablity, which is the feeling she can have you, and compliance, which is working to get you.

Summary: Develop personality traits that offer Value. Make yourself Attainable but not overly available. Get her Compliance, she must work to get you. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics