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Mystery's M3 Model

S1 - Arousal/Foreplay

Okay, so do your thing. Heavy makeout, necking, fingering, fondling, whatever... turn up the heat. I'm not going into super specifics here because the most important thing about S1 is NOT the actual techniques for arousal. Well, fine, those are important too, but it is key that this is when you start S1... and not before.

You may be tempted to push it and push it... say, back in A2, when she is all attracted to you and throwing IOIs. Or in C2, when you guys are out on a date and kissing... and you just start heavy makeout, starting touching her, fingering, whatever.

Everything has it's place. Yes, you might be able to get away with it. But 97% of the time, if you S1 TOO EARLY, the girl will have buyer's remorse. She will not have had sufficient time to feel comfort/connection/intimacy with you, so even if you DO end up fucking her, she will not want to see you again, CUZ SHE WILL FEEL LIKE A SLUT.

This model is for SOLID GAME (to lead into relationships). If you want ONS, stop at A3, pump the attraction, and fuck her while she's on that emotional high.

S2 - LMR

To directly quote Mys: "Last Minute Resistance. This is the point of no return before sex occurs. It's often a freak-out moment for the woman."

There you have it. She may be like "This is too fast..." or "I barely know you" or "No sex... okay?" or just push you away from certain areas (like her underwear). You own LMR by defusing it with things like:

"LMRing" first (lol... so basically YOU say "we should stop..." first)
Ignore it with a cute reply ("This is too fast..." "Yeah, but it's fun, right?" *kiss*)
2 steps forward/1 step back escalation -> if she won't let you near her underwear, concentrate elsewhere, then go back.
[edit] S3 - SEX
Do it. And do it well.


This model is probably the most accurate model out there. You can already identify the problems that IWs have within this model. They start at COMFORT, rather than ATTRACTION, and thus end up on the friends ladder.

In order to fuck a girl, you MUST build attraction first. This is KEY. Once again, this is for SOLID game... this is geared toward building relationships or fwb situations. ONS is taken into account, but for an ONS, you just pump attraction and fuck her before it wears off.

Also, it is best to do the least amount necessary to transition from one phase to the next. Lots of guys like to stay in A2 for no reason except they like getting a kick out of watching the girl's signals of interest. This is bad. Stop fucking around looking for validation reactions and proceed to the lay.

By RedSeph

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