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Qualities of High Status People

NO! YOU DO NOT. You know the score.

The bad news about social intelligence is that if you are a guy most chicks, by and large, will have more of it than you. The good news is that it's an easy skill to acquire; all it takes is a willingness to observe people interacting and to TRUST the things you perceive this way. Most guys I know see many of the same things that women do, but because they don't (at first glance) have a clear logical framework to put them in, they ignore them as untrustworthy.

Qualities of Low Status People

• They seek approval and acceptance

People with low social status suffer from a deficit of validation. Sometimes they legitimately don't get the recognition they deserve, and suffer from unwillingness or inability to reframe; other times it's because they're neurotic and LSE and no amount of validation will ever be enough. Unable to validate themselves, they seek approval and acceptance from other people.

• They are volatile and anxious

The world is a frightening place when you don't know what's going to happen next and you don't know if you'll be able to deal with it, whatever it is. People without confidence react to this great, frightening unknown with a level of perpetual anxiety that they vibe at others. Driven by their own percieved helplessness and rage, they will explode with fits of anger, or display disproportionate fear; of women, of change, etc.

• They try to buy what they can't earn

In terms of social status, this is very important. People who don't understand how to DHV will try to BUY approval. On ASF, this is known as supplication. It DOES NOT increase your social status or make you desirable to women. If it's clear you're trying to buy appproval, you will LOSE VALUE. A chick's reaction to a man she does not already find desirable supplicating for approval is about the same as YOUR reaction when you stop at a red light and some hobo goes to squeejee your windshield for dollars. Maybe you'll give him your spare change, sure - but what if he was asking for sex? Would you bang him?

I thought not.

• They disdain what they can't have

People with low social status disdain what they can't have. Helpless to attain what they desire, they reject it pre-emptively instead.

This means men who hate hot women.
This means women who hate hot women.
This means UGs who hate the idea of anyone getting laid.
This means men who hate confident, competent men.

• They are NOT socially intelligent

People with low social status are not socially intelligent. If you misuse or DON'T use kino, this is you. If you can't recognize an AI when it whacks you upside the head, this is you. If you don't know when to escalate, this is you.

Transfer of Status

These are general principles of things that will increase your social status. If you don't have any in the first place, these -will not work-, I repeat, -will not work-. They require a steady foundation of at least moderate coolness. With that said...

You Gain Status When:

• Your worth is recognized and appreciated

The higher the social status of the person appreciating you, the more status you gain. This is key. KEY KEY KEY KEY. Get out a highlighter, use it on your computer monitor if you have to. Remember this.


Not only that; if you establish high value, women WILL RISK LOSING VALUE to gain your approval. They'll gamble. They'll chase you.

This is also why, in those instances when you overqualify and DHV the fuck out of some poor HB7 until she locks up, you MUST qualify her. If you do not qualify her, you are obviously not recognizing and appreciating her genuine merit - there is NO REASON for someone as cool as you to take a legit interest in her. You are using her as a blow-up doll that moans. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics