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Do women enjoy being hit on?

Do women enjoy being hit on - or do they loathe it? If you know women love it, you're well on your way to experiencing massive success.

If you've got the belief, though, that women find men hitting on them more annoying than nails against a chalk board you're in big trouble. But DON'T worry, my friend, because you're in the same position most men are.

Many a man believes women hate to be hit on - and rightfully so. If you, for example, frequent the bar or club scene you've probably overheard groups of women yapping away about how they fear and loath men hitting on them. But if this were so, women would wear shower curtains to bars and nightclubs. But they don't. They wear skimpy little outfits to maximize the amount of male attention they get.

I'm gonna return to this train of thought in a moment. But before I do, I want to shed some serious light on why believing women don't like to be hit on is akin to sentencing your penis to life in prison with no chance of parole. No hope of him ever vacationing in that warm, cuddly place he enjoys dancing into the wee hours of the morning to that old Digital Underground song "Do The Humpty Hump." The only love he's gonna get is from Bubba's nether regions.

Having this belief will cause a man to fear and loath hitting on women. He'll, for example, think to himself: "If I approach a woman she'll see me as an insidious little vermin she wants shunted from her reality."

If he does get up the gall to approach a woman, he's gonna have scrawled across his forehead in permanent red ink: "I'm so scared you'll reject me, I'm about to poop my pants."

This will communicate to her, he's a consummate gimp. Women feel no attraction for gimps. They feel attraction toward men who are a Prize they've gotta win over.

Okay. I think I've convinced you of how wretched this belief is. How it will pound any future opportunities with beautiful women into jelly.

But you might be having second thoughts. Maybe you're not fully convinced. So I'm gonna rewind and go back to my original train of thought: "The belief that women don't like to be hit on is crap." If this belief ever crossed paths with the Food & Drug Administration they'd stamp it with an official FDA seal saying: "100% Certified B.S."

Why do you think women spend so much time - sometimes hours - primping and preening themselves to go out to nightclubs and bars? Because they want to be hit on.

There's a school of thought, though, that says: "Women don't dress up for men; they do it for other women."

I think there's a grain of truth here but what this means is that women dress up to compete with other women for male attention. For male validation. In other words, one of the reasons women put time into primping and preening themselves is to compete for who gets hit on the most by men.

Many a woman will never explicitly admit she enjoys men hitting on her. If she did, she'd risk other women perceiving her as being at the top of the Slut-O-Meter. Or, even worse, people thinking she's a power hungry rhymes-with-witch. Wanting to be hit on is one of women's dirty little secrets.

Think of those stupid, gossip magazines - such as, Enquire and Star. Almost everyone talks about how stupid these publications are and claims to have never picked one up. This is B.S.

If most people didn't read them, their circulation wouldn't be so widespread.

The lurid reality is this: Most of us can't wait to get our dirty little paws all over these magazines while standing in line at the supermarket. A lot of us have too much pride to admit it. But almost all of us get picked up by our lapels and sucked into the contents of these papers.

Same holds true with women. Most women claim, they hate when guys hit on them. But most women love it. They can't get enough of it. But they'll never admit it. It's their dirty little secret.

When you make no apologies for hitting on a woman and convey the belief that by YOU hitting on her you're doing her a favor, it lets her know she's dealing with a real man who's a Prize she has to win over.

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