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The way I generalize male/female relationships

Of course, this is just one example.

Another is if I'm with a woman and she begins to get upset or emotional about something. Back when I gave my power away most of the time, I would let these kinds of things bother me, and I wouldn't know how to act. Now, I just smile and say "How do you REALLY feel about it?" in a sarcastic tone. Or I laugh and say "You're so cute when you're mad."

I could go on and on about different situations and techniques, but I'm trying to get the idea across that in every situation, you can approach it by keeping your power. Don't give up your power!

If you're having trouble in an area, sit down and ask yourself "How would I act if I kept my power? How would I act if I had the power in that situation?" Then list ten ways you could act that would keep your power for you.

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