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How to change yourself_III


The timeline exercise is a little more involved so you'll want to get comfortable before you close your eyes. Imagine there's a line that represents your life. The past might be behind and the future ahead, or the past could be to your left and the future on the right, wherever they naturally happen to lie for you.

Next imagine that you're starting to float and slowly rise up and above the line. See it from a different perspective, remembering the spot where you were. Gently float backwards over it while looking down and seeing recent experiences go by. Accelerate as you go further back to times when your significant memories are spaced further apart, all the way back to beginning of line.

Now land at the spot where it begins. Perhaps you even see the lines of your mother and father crossing your line. Take one step back to just before the very start of your line. Now imagine an eternal source of love as a glowing golden light floating in through top of our head, through your heart, and out your chest onto the beginning of your timeline. As it starts pouring out, it starts to light up your timeline.

Light it up a little at first and make your timeline glow brighter as light continues to flow. It's lighting up the line further and further out. You might see dark spots that represent trauma, things that happened when you were younger but as more light pours the more you relaxed you become and the more those dark spots lighten up. You might start to feel better as light lightens up the line.

Think that energy and float up over your timeline. Notice how the dark spots are brighter and you might have a brighter feeling about them, you might float forward to now and see dark spots reframed in a different way as learning experiences. With a relaxing breath you come back to now and open your eyes.

Do whatever you want inside your own personal time and space, and use this exercise to heal and recharge yourself. Though the effects may fade a little days later, each time you do it they can become a little more permanent and even the blackest spots can be lightened with enough healing energy.

By Mystery

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