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Tyler Durden wrote about how to Really Pickup

THEN, either ISOLATE, or talk softly and fun about FUTURE GET TOGETHER.

If you don't isolate and same-day f-close, FUCK THE #CLOSE and get a MEET with the chick. Maybe get the #, but REMEMBER that she may have a LIVE IN BOYFRIEND or HUSBAND, so do NOT push the #. Get the MEET, and make it CONVENIENT for yourself to get there on the chance that she flakes.

For meets, I suggest taking her somewhere that is absolutely COST FREE, and gets her adreneline going. Try taking her to a strip where they have sexy/outrageous clothing, and try it on with her.

Basically, Destin9 wants you to just go up, confident, say "hi", and cross your fingers. The ONLY good thing about it I guess is that you had the balls to approach, which is KINDA good, but still not usually enough for ELITE HOT CHICKS.

The confidence that guys like Twentysix or I have now, after 4 nights per week or NON STOP SARGING is probably enough, because we can FOLLOW it with TIGHT STUFF and have a PUA AURA. But for ANY guy who hasn't laid many many chicks yet, or hung out non-stop with a guy who has and modelled him, this approach is BULLSHIT.

This way, you project yourself as FUN/EXCITING/CHALLENGING/CONFIDENT.. Plus, by kiss closing by the end of the first encounter, you really set the frame for an early lay.

Just remember that PARTY GIRLS can OMIT the RAPPORT, while LIBRARIAN GIRLS can omit large chunks of the C&F/ATTRACTION. Girls who are IN BETWEEN can just take some of EACH.

What I've written here is the REAL SHIT, FIELD TESTED, and actually REAL.Use the Destin9 way, but ONLY AFTER you have ESTABLISHED VALUE on yourself. THEN do it her way. Her way let's the GIRL CHOOSE what your value is, based on your LOOKS primarily (though I suppose a LITTLE BIT by your confidence, since you did approach and all, but still mostly by looks when it comes to the hotties)

Fuck all this other bullshit, this is HOW TO SARGE.

Summary: Approach: Make her try to get rapport with you, use body language, get her to shit test you and pass her tests. Midgame: Do fun stuff. Have normal conversation: Get to know eachother, get rapport. C&F for Attraction. Genuine Conversation for Rapport. Make her earn rapport by showing her playfulness. Endgame: Triangular Gazing or phase shift. Isolate or set up a Day2. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics