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How to change yourself_II

Start this exercise by closing your eyes and making a picture of the you that you would like to become. Imagine how you would be standing, how you'd be breathing, what you'd be wearing, the expression on your face, etc.

Now go a little further and imagine what would be inside that ideal self: the beliefs you'd have, how you would deal with different situations, why your posture is held that way—because you were confident, relaxed, etc.

Finally, imagine what is behind that ideal self; what are some of the things that ideal self would have been through to have that image, what are the experiences that formed its beliefs, etc.

Get the whole image together and make it as vivid as you possibly can. You can always go back, add, or change this image as you think of things you forgot to add or want to modify. Now take that image and throw it up in the air so far that it's just a tiny dot you can't even see anymore.

Now watch it multiply into a million of them which start falling down all around you in every direction— into your past, your future, ahead and behind, above and below, everywhere. See it inside all the experiences you're going to have and everywhere you can look, all the way to the horizon.

Get all you need, then come back and open your eyes. I've done this exercise for years. It can be used any time you want, at a crowded bar, a concert, a business meeting, etc. Just do it and see it everywhere. The more you do it, the more you will become this person.

By Mystery

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