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Why You Need to be Change

You're the Only One Who Really Cares about Your Success

No one cares like you do, except perhaps your mom, and she wants you to be a good wus-, I mean, hus-band. If you really want success, you must first take full responsibility for your results. No one else is ever going to give you success in life.

In fact, others often would rather see you fail. Subconsciously, even most people are pleased by your failures. You may be lucky to find a handful of true friends, but otherwise you're the only one who cares about what happens in your life.

Take personal responsibility! Accept that you're the only one to make success happen, that you'll do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals, and don't accept from yourself any excuses for failure.

Trying to Change Reality Instead of Changing to Suit Reality

In "Market Wizards", famous Trader Vic Sperandeo tells a story of a stock-market contest that had an unexpected result: the smartest guys lost all their money. Why?

When they had a stock of a company, the smartest held onto it regardless of whether the price started to decline. They were so sure their higher valuation was right, even though the market was sending signals that the actual value of the stock was worth much less. They waited for the market to suddenly correct itself and validate their thinking. It didn't.

If you're not getting what you want, don't be so arrogant that you hold onto your beliefs and methods just because you think they're right. It's much better to open your mind and accept the reality as it is than to insist on sticking with how you thought or hoped it was.

In Aikido they say, "Be the water, not the rock." When water hits an obstacle, it flows around it. When a rock hits a barrier, it either breaks or stops, but never gets past. Only by discovering how life actually does work can you figure a way to adapt. You sometimes need to change in order to reach your goals.

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