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Be Like a Child

"On Tuesday or Thursday?"

"I just don't know."

"How about Wednesday? Is that OK for you?"


"What about Tuesday or Friday?"

"I dunno!"

*aggravated* "Argh! I am coming to pick you up at 7:45 PM on Wednesday."

*sweetly* "OK!"

-You did not get into serious talks with a girl. You did not turn her into Oprah. You did not try to impress her with how 'intellectual' you are. You probably hit her, cried "Tag!", ran off, and she would chase after you. You would get on the swings. You would push her off the slides. On the see-saw, you would try to fall as fast as possible to catapult her away.

Everything you did with a girl was ACTION dates. Nice Guys try to cook the lady dinner. YOU wouldn't even DARE do such a thing when you were young. Now I know why some of my best dates are ones as simple as taking the girl to the park and run around like little kids. Action! Action! Action!

-As a kid you loved to sing. You loved to laugh.

What do you do now? You are so uptight that you wouldn't catch yourself dead singing outside your home. And what happened to that happy laughter that marked your childhood? Why are you taking everything so seriously now!?

-You had toys and loved to play with them. When the girls entered your sphere, you insisted on playing with YOUR toys. You would ride your bike at death defying speeds. You played with cranes and Tonka dump trucks. You LOVED firetrucks.

When you grow up, your Hot Wheels cars turn into super fast sport cars (which you still drive at death defying speeds). Your cranes and dump trucks turn into the big ones and you still love the firetrucks. Compare this to the Nice Guy who does not understand the beauty of construction or get scared at the idea of firetrucks. There is a reason why women LOVE firemen

-You embraced your imagination. If you played with a girl, it was to be on your terms. You will not find a boy that says to a girl, "Whatever YOU want to do." I remember flicking caterpillars on girls (and they loved it!). You would point to the girl and go, "You are the detective and I am the cop." And then you pointed to others and go, "Look at these villains! Come, we must round them up!" And the girls joyfully played the part.

What do you do NOW? "Let's go get dinner." BORING.

-You had one eternal enemy in childhood, boredom. Like a void, it encroached on you in school, ensnared you with a stupid trip with the parents, and enveloped you as you stepped on the school bus. You embraced every chance for play.

If there is ONE thing a man must NEVER do to a woman, it is this: DO NOT BORE HER. Make her happy, make her angry, make her laugh, ANYTHING but bore her. That enemy, boredom, is back and women are looking for you to strike it down. Embrace your youth and live again for the first time.

-Even at your young age, you were aware of fashion. Your mother was perplexed at why you couldn't wear THAT shirt or put on THOSE shoes. You knew the importance clothes and appearance had.

Nice Guys and chumps try to say nothing for appearance and say, "she will like me for who I am", and, with the same breath, ignore the chicks who do nothing appearance wise (big whale chicks, pimply chicks, and such) while getting shot down at the real women.

-When you were young, your father was a DEMI-GOD. You both feared and loved him. He could be playful when he wanted to. But, always, he was a SOURCE of STRENGTH, always confidant, and always seemed to know the solution to any problem you came across. This feeling of awe you thought of your father is the perfect definition of a MAN.

When you strive to be that same towering figure, which seemed to have solutions to all problems, confidence for all troubles, know how for all messes, stability for all storms, women will react to you in the same way. It is said, "Women want to marry their fathers." But this phrase has been taken completely out of context. Women want to marry THAT guy, that MAN they knew when they were a little girl. You can only understand and become that man through the eyes of the young boy. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics