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9 Common Social Conditionings that impair pick-up

Conditioning 9:

"All the women I want don't want me"

"Really good looking women are stuck up"

"The best lookers out there all have a man already'

LOOKS OBSESSION is what this is called. Guys are almost ALWAYS like this and it fucks them up big time.

Looks and attraction at a biological first sight level are in the eye of the beholder. 9 Times out of ten if you truly look at a woman and she is REALLY your exact type, "your 10", she will see YOU ALSO as FAR more attractive than say your "6" would see you back.

If you don't believe me go test it out for yourself, approach 10 women total. 5 should be very average to plain looking 5 should be your EXACT type. The results will shock you.

Barring men who could easily mistake their 10 for a transsexual with fake boobs a ton of makeup and long blonde wigs because society has deemed that "the 10", something is in the biology that makes people match up with someone who really turns them on.

This makes us want to have more sex, which makes more babies and makes the race survive, pretty common sense I suppose. I suppose it makes sense if you don't go by societies "the 10", as your 10 out of ego, or think that the women you find most attractive must be the same ones ALL other men find most attractive so they will be in too much demand for you to get.

Watch TV with any other guy that doesn't look much like you or come from the same gene pool and rate women 1-10. Some of your absolute 10s will be his 7s and vice versa.

Tastes vary, and a great way to get the women you TOTALLY want is to of course go for the women you totally want, it's the only way really. Funny thing is they tend to reciprocate better than "easier average" women do, as there are no "average women" really, it's all in the sexual genetic makeup/eye of the beholder.

I've known both types of guys that fuck this up. Those who are scared to approach the women they REALLY want because they assume ALL men want them so much they can't compete, and also even worse the ego guys who feel if she isn't acceptable to all other men she is "easy" or "average".

Drop the ego, or putting on a pedestal of women you find to be of beauty, and go for what you really desire most in women's looks instead.

Those are just 9 of the most common conditionings there are. A "tour of fucked up", if you prefer. If you didn't see yours on the list, more are coming in later lessons so don't worry.

This entire course from foundations to advanced is just conditioning that is faulty and correcting it. MANY men have great sex lives without advanced concepts of some sort. They are the "naturals" with the ladies, Natural itself indicates that something is unnatural about the rest of us, or that we "don't get it" etc, which can be offensive a bit. " I AM NO IDIOT, the problem MUST be more complex than this", comes to mind.

The thing is, it's rather simple, but also rather complex in that it's been your whole life's experiences shaping this line of thinking. Don't feel bad about it. Don't feel good about it either though. Just accept the mindsets and materials in this course. Take yourself out in the world with them and see there are far better ways to think, and provide you more pleasure than the reverse.

YOUR MISSION: Sit in peace and quiet for a while and write out your past interactions with women. Analyze what you can remember and see where the above conditionings may have affected you in some way. Write out maybe what you would have done different without those conditionings holding you back and a scenario of her responding more positive. I am serious do this.

Your other mission: Check out the ENTIRE Dynamic sex life e-book!

By Gunwitch @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics