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9 Common Social Conditionings that impair pick-up

I'm not telling you to go fuck fat chicks here or bag ladies or something nasty.

But if you would really like to be having sex with her, GREAT, DO IT. What the friends of 99.5% of the people reading this material right now, don't know could fill a library, plus some. Concerns like "man you've been doing 10 times as much heroin since you met her" are worth listening to. Concerns like "dude your girls nasty" should not be. It's entirely your prerogative. Anyhow people will deny your success to feel better about themselves and say your chick isn't hot and that their chicks are, so don't bother listening to it.

Thinking you should be a ladies man, or that you should be getting at least one chick a month in bed, thinking you should have a girlfriend, thinking anything about your sex life and who it makes you as a person is worthless. YOUR desires are all you should care about.

This may sound simple and a waste of time to say. But MANY guys I've met are fueled by this ego of a "what do people think of me" kind. What I mean is they heard I was some sort of Casanova and tried to meet me, asked me out to a bar etc. Most of these were guys who just wanted a girlfriend, maybe wanted to be able to get laid once in a while, but they came out guns blazing, "I want to lay a new chick every week" they would say, when only maybe 1 in 200 guys have that kind of a genuine sexual drive. Even then, once he does it for a couple months it gets old, the excitement wears off and more time needs to be taken in between. These giant figures are all just his ego talking, not his true desire.

Really analyze yourself, what do you really want? That's all that matters.

Conditioning 8:

"A guys got to have a lot of money to spend on women"

"Women need a lot of wooing to get them in bed"

Again utter bullshit. I don't buy women fancy dinners. I don't buy women flowers. I don't buy women little drinks with umbrellas in them. I don't offer to buy women cars, I wouldn't even if I could afford to. I know they love sex and that's what they really want, I don't need to qualify their sex being shared with me with gifts or luxury.

The guy from my example above for instance. LOVED to send girls drinks with his number in a napkin wrapped around it. You know how many called him ever? NONE.

The same guy, when we finally did get him approaching women. would start out with how wonderful and beautiful she was. I don't use this guy in so many examples because he is the worst I ever met, but because he was so common to the rest of the men I've trained.

Kissing ass or buying shit for women gets you "in" but not "IN" if you get my meaning. If you don't, I of course mean that people love that shit, you could buy a straight as an arrow man a drink in a bar, he would LIKE you, but wouldn't fuck you if you tried afterwards. You could tell same guy "you have a really great presence bro" he would again like that, you then tried to fuck him later in the night you would probably get a punch in the nose.

It goes for women as well. If the attraction isn't there, and you do nothing to amplify any base small level of attraction, you have just wasted your money or compliments.

The bad thing is, it can even be counter productive. Meaning she may see you as only doing the thing you did because you aren't adequate sexually, or as a man. Tell her she's a stunning marvel of a woman or offer to buy her dinner in the restaurant you are eating in as your first line? You'll probably get taken up on it; but she will wonder why you did something like this. Rather than presenting YOU to her, you have shown her that "indeed this drink with the umbrella in it is of higher value than me".

Also just think if "Olga the terrible" asked you the same thing? You would say, "Hmmmm, am I going to sleep with her EVER, nope, better not take the free dinner"? BULLSHIT! Even if so, don't count on every woman you encounters ethics being strong enough for her to not say "I just got to take advantage of this guy wanting me". @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics