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A key concept in understanding interaction with women

M refuses to allow society, his environment, and the people he is around to dictate his FRAME and META-FRAME.

Just doing this can establish PRIZABILITY because it conveys to women that you are in control of your power, have a strong sense of self, and have an unswayable REALITY. These are all qualities women find PRIZABLE in men.

M continues: "I set the frame where I was the PRIZE, where she was trying to win ME over, and where she wants me so bad that she WANTED to make-out with me. And because I set the strong frame, the model I was with WENT ALONG WITH IT! Now, I can now go into a club without that sinking feeling of depression dragging me down, because I know it is possible to not only have fun, but to meet any girl I want and make-out with her! You just gotta have the right frame."

Let's remember, he didn't play tonsil hockey with just any girl, he did it with a woman who is going to be on the next season of "America's Next Top Model." And he was able to do this in spite of being fat, bald, and broke - all because he established the META-FRAME that he is the PRIZE.

When you ASSUME that you have perceived value, and KNOW how to establish the META-FRAME that you are the PRIZE, women will see you as a PRIZE they want to win over - and it doesn't matter if you're fat, or bald or broke...or whatever. If, however, you are good looking and rich yet do not have the skill set for establishing the META-FRAME that you are the PRIZE, your success with women will be mediocre at best. That's how important the META-FRAME is. With some guys, it almost seems like they were born with it. Not me. I had to learn how to establish the META-FRAME through a lot of experimenting and hard work. If you want to save yourself truck loads of time, come check out my book and learn how to establish the META-FRAME within a few hours:

By Swinggcat

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