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All the guys made excuses were wrong

So we fix this by going out in the field like crazy. Getting 20 years worth of social interaction under your belt in 2 years. It's like lifting weights. You are working out your social muscles.

OK, so that's the negative. Now here is the positive. Anybody can get good at this stuff.

Yes, even the worst off guy. Anyone who says otherwise is allowing their limiting beliefs to control their thoughts and their outcomes.

If I see some rich goodlooking guy getting laid, my first thought reaction

isn't to look for EXCUSES of why I can't do what he can do. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! I'm looking closely at his behaviour patterns and thinking about how his lifestyle or status has changed his thought patterns and corresponding behaviour patterns, and how I can model that to my advantage. There is no way I'm looking for excuses about why a guy pulls. That's a lameass way of reinforcing my frame that its not my fault. Like, "Oh, I can still feel good about myself."

That doesn't mean that I'm going to copy the guy inside and out. Of course not. But I know a ton of rich and goodlooking guys who don't get girls. The reason why these particular rich or goodlooking guys happen to get girls is because they've taken on the behaviour patterns that attract women, as a result of their thought patterns, which were probably fueled by some positive reinforcement that their looks and money got them. But in the end of the day, I can still take on those patterns, whether I have their benefits or not. That's my choice.

I am a winner. I have never allowed myself to associate my identity with being a loser. Just because I was a loser at the time didn't mean that I wasn't a winner waiting to happen. I reinforce this to myself continually. I think about it all the time. I am a winner. I repeat stuff to myself constantly in my head, and my behaviour patterns flow from there.


GUYS. I never allowed myself to say "Mystery has magic and height and looks". YEAH RIGHT!!! IS THAT A BAD JOKE???? That shit is plain *RETARDED*.

I can't understand how a guy could allow himself to think that way. I mean, I understand it in abstract like how I understand in abstract that a vagrant could sit out on the street all day begging for change. But I don't understand it in the sense that I could even remotely imagine letting myself think that way. I know the danger of it. I know it well. I thought like that until I was about 15 years old, and it will bullshit. I know that it yields nothing. I know that even if its true, that the thought process itself is nothing but some bullshit that I tell myself to make myself feel better about sucking.

I don't care about my emotions and distorting reality to make myself feel good. I'm not going to say "It's his money and looks" so that I can make an excuse that I don't suck compared to him because its not my fault. I care about just facing that I suck and NOT CARING on an emotional level, but still keeping a logical/emotional disconnect so I know that I logically know that I need to fix it but there's no emotional NEEDINESS to fix it that makes me act like a weirdo. Then, just working from there to change it. I enjoy the process of changing it, so that is the end in and of itself. And based on the habits that result from that, I get a positive outcome over the long term.

FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING: The behaviour pattern / thought pattern combination that creates identity is what attracts women. If a guy has things going for him, then I will look at how that benefitted his behaviour/thought pattern, and emulate the good parts and discard the many bad parts that don't serve me.

There are no excuses. If you aren't willing to put the time in then quit now. Because ASF is going to torture you. I meet many guys who are tortured by ASF. They get the theory, but can't implement it. They loved it at first, because they got that initial fix of "It's just a skillset" validation. But from there, they couldn't maintain that fix, and it fucked them up.

HIGH YIELDING THOUGHT PROCESS: "What can I learn from this?"

EMOTIONALLY SHIELDING THOUGHT PROCESS: "What can I find in this that excuses why I couldn't do it and allows me to preserve my identity?"

By Zan

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