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All the guys made excuses were wrong

Two years later, the game is solved. And as it turns out, Mystery's game is actually tight. Yes, despite his height or looks. His style of interaction follows the principles of tight game. Period. So all the guys that made excuses were wrong. I never let myself to be pulled in by all the rhetoric on ASF. I saw what I saw. I read "Don't be a clone". Whatever. I thought "Model the best. I will model the best. I will do it until I understand the mechanics of what's going on and then go from there."

So what I'm saying here, is that it comes down to thought patterns and corresponding behaviour patterns. Somewhere in there, a monkey wrench must be thrown in. You can throw it into your thought patterns, and hope that it shifts behaviours. You can shift behaviours, and hope that it shifts thoughts. You can do both, and have a vision of an outcome that you are working towards. But in the end, this is hard. Don't underestimate how hard it is to take an AFC and re-wire him. If I'd known how hard it was going to be, I might have never started. I would have been too intimidated. But the thing is, I enjoyed the process of learning. The journey was in many ways the outcome. It was the end in itself.

I was probably successful because I never NEEDED it to work. I knew that I sucked, but was willing to improve it. My frame was never in jeopardy of weakening, because I didn't associate my identity as a something that was worth preserving. If you aren't getting results - like if you're one of the guys who isn't doing well at all - then don't underestimate how bad you suck. You probably suck very badly. You probably have a million thought patterns that you aren't even aware of that are holding you back.

This is going to be a long road for you. You're not going to escape this with any bandaid solutions. You are going to have to sarge like crazy for a few years. But not in a way where you're needing it to work. You're going to have to do it from an angle where you don't care that you suck, and where you actually enjoy sarging for the process of learning about yourself and others. Very few people get this stuff. Your understanding of what sparks attraction is probably so limited, that your attempts at pickup are like throwing darts in a pitch black room. The stuff that we describe on ASF doesn't describe it properly. It's too hard to describe in text to a guy who doesn't get it.

Guys have been trying for years, and there still is not a consistent number of guys coming through the system really good. All that's happening is that guys come in, and are all "Oh, its not my fault all this time, its just a skillset. I feel better about myself now. Time to go back to masterbating and playing videogames. I'll get this skillset later." Yeah right - for a guy coming from a bad place, this skillset is so hard to learn that there's no way any guy who isn't commited will ever get it.

Do you think that all those pickups you did where the girls gave you some big IOIs were near lays? You just weren't in the mood to follow up or whatever? No way. The difference between a girl actually spreading her legs for you, and giving you IOIs, that is a BIG difference. The extent to which you have to change your thought patterns and basic behaviour patterns is so deep - this shit is so deep rooted into you, you have no idea. It takes years to weed this stuff out. To go from getting a lot of IOIs to getting laid, that is a big leap.

This isn't even about skillset. This is about how the amount of girls that you get is in direct proportion to how well you have this stuff sorted out. Getting laid is a symptom of having your thought patterns and behaviour patterns in alignment. You can't out-technique this stuff.

The reason we focus on techniques is that they give you a chance to get a ton of interaction under your belt until you sort it out. There's no way you can sort out your inner game sitting at home saying "I'm the prize, I'm alpha, I'm sexual" all day long. That's why I meet so many guys who are even MORE annoying than AFCs, because they're lame AFCs who think they're PUAs and try to bring in all these incongruent behaviour patterns that you can tell they don't have the jam to back up. @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics