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Sarging in a Second Language

author: "toecutter"
date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 19:33:00 GMT
subject: Chicks who don't speak English??

Yeah, sarging in a second language is difficult. You will need to work out what the best way forward is for your given location. I am not sure what it is like in Italy. Some places (especially French speaking as the quintessential example) think their language is really important, and if you don’t speak it you are an uncultured idiot. (this is in fact true to a certain extent around Barcelona in Spain too! Especially strange since they are like that about Castillian Spanish even though their mother tounge is Catalan). Other places, it is not an issue like that and the people really work with you to try to understand you (Latin America and Northern Europe are like this). And you can speak at them in English even if they don’t understand. Like they will sit there and nod their heads ... they do not make you feel like an idiot. I don’t speak a word of Italian, so I wouldn’t know what it is like there.

Regardless: It is worth feeling out the language abilities of your targets. This means you open in English. If there is a complete miscomprehension you move it over immediately to Italian. But it does not end there. You feel around her English abilities and move her back to English if her English is stronger than your Italian. Sometimes they will pretend like they don’t speak it just because it is a shock to suddenly have both a man intruding into her world and having to jump languages in her mind and speak a rusty language that has not been used in several months. Let her get comfortable in Italian then move her over to English.

It is true that you are at a disadvantage if you are speaking her language. She is sure footed and self confident in her language, you are not even sure if that word you just used means anything. However, when your abilities are similar in a language ... like you speak about the same amount of Italian that she speaks of English ... you are better off speaking Italian. Because in that case it is you who is the sophisticated bi-lingual one. And don’t worry about it ... move back to English if you want, this to get the attitude right as you say "Ohh cute! You thought I wanted to be your boyfriend" or whatever fluently with the right inflection and body language, then be your own translator, and do a clumsy un-confident translation of your own line that captures the "feel" for what you meant. That is the secret: at critical points speak English fluently then be your own translator. It is like you have 2 personalities. The English one (who is the PUA) and the translator who tries to capture the sense of the true alphaness of the first personality. You with me?

Foreigner bonus is big. Understand there is no real getting around the "Where are you from? How long have you been here? Why are you here / what do you do? Where did you learn Italian?" conversations. But that is fine. Get together good answers for them. And do intentional misinterpretations of her questions as IOI’s as a joke. Like "Ha! All you Italian girls are the same. First you complement me on my Italian, next you will want to buy me a drink. Next thing you know you will be wanting to take me home to ’show me your stereo’. I know the type well. You just stand back a little, okay?" sort of thing. Or "That is a personal question from a girl I only met 1 sentance ago. (to friends Is she always like that? Asking personal questions to every foreign guy you meet? You’re a fast mover! Maybe you would make a good Italian girlfriend. Can you cook? No? That’s it! We are broken up."

If they interrupt you in the middle of your opener you just answer the question as if it is annoying and continue: "Hey, guys ... I need a female opinion ..." some girl: "Where are you from?"

you: (speaking curtly while looking straight at the asker for only a second like it is an annoyance) "America" (then to the group back to happy tone of voice) "... so I need a female opinion. Do you guys think blah, blah, blah"

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