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Rules of Seduction

author: David DeAngelo
date: Sat, 05 Jun 2005 04:00:00 GMT
website: www.doubleyourdating.com
subject: Re: Outing report: Ms. Black Hotpants; golddigger evasion; and anti supplication evasive

After reading this entire post, I feel so good to know I don't get caught up in ANY of this golddigging shit. I have RULES.

RULE: dates are with girlfriends, not new girls. Don’t date. Hang with people.

RULE: never buy a drink for a girl you haven't fucked. If you do say, "you take care of the next round ok?"

RULE: if you buy her dinner say, "you take care of the movie tickets for us, fair?"

RULE: NEVER feel embarrassed about making a SCENE. SCENES are fun if you CONTROL them. The bus thing. Imagine saying, "I don't think so wiener" and sitting down with a smile. Enjoy HER predicament. Great NEG.

RULE: don't get shit on

RULE: control the situation with the magic word NO. Say BYE faster than she can. She wants to invite a friend. NO. Why? Because I don't want to ... bye. Have your friend pick you up. All these were pussy tests and you failed miserably. She doesn't respect you.

RULE: don't pay for pussy. respect = pussy

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