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Rejection in the Club Approach

author: "toecutter"
date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 02:05:00 GMT
subject: Re: Rejection in the club approachs

London PUA wrote in message
> When I approach girl (my target) and she tell me that
> I have boyfriends and reject me and shields up. That
> rejection seems to lower my power to approach other
> girls. (That ruins my PUA night in the clubs very often)

If you are getting "I have a boyfriend" on approach it is because you are being too direct. There is no comeback to it. Ignore all the lines and comebacks that have been posted. Instead play with your opener (including body language) so that it is non-sexual. The only reason that you are getting that is because she is thinking "he is hitting on me". Like if you are standing next to a guy at the bar trying to get a drink, and you get bumped from behind and say to him "fuck it is crowded in here" he is not going to say "I have a girl-friend" and turn and walk away, is he? Because that conversation is not a sexual advance.

So work on making it look like you are not hitting on her, and the objection will go away for the time being and come back when you are working on closing. Like when you are going for the number you will get the "I have a boyfriend". But in that situation it is a different thing, and has nothing to do with your current problem, so I wont confuse you by talking about it. Get your opening working properly and your nights will take off. Lots of conversations with lots of girls. Then you are having fun and flying, man.

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telling people when you get laid @2006-2007 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other Seduction Routines