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The Real Reason Women Go To Clubs

author: "toecutter"
date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 19:57:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.relationships
subject: The Real Reason Women Go To Clubs

Blah. You are not getting any success in clubs obviously and then want to write a 5000 word essay that says basically "All girls are teases looking for validation only". Bullshit. Why would you want a girl who does not go to bars and clubs, does not go to music events, does not take part in the cultural life of the city and does not appreciate the finer things in life? You wouldn’t.

Sure, people want to be where the action is at. I want to be where the action is at too. See I go to clubs and bars and lounges and openings of art galleries and after parties and whatever. I like them. I hang with other people who like them. Girls go because they like them. Their pusxx leads them there too, just like my dixx leads me. They want to be where the latest hot-spot is with the beautiful people because their pusxx lead them there. Like my dixx leads me. I don't want to hang out playing pool with a bunch of ugly guys in a back-water bar when the action is somewhere else. I want to plug into the energy and be at the centre of the heat.

Get laid and you will like them again.

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