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Resistance to Sex

If you ever FORCE a woman into a sexual act against her will, you deserve to be thrown in jail and have the same thing done to you!!! When a woman gives you a firm NO, it means NO.

That being said, there's a difference between a firm NO and "no…..I can't……no……Make love to me!!!" This sort of weak, token resistance to sex is very common. Before we can understand it (known from here on as Last-Minute Resistance/LMR), we have to understand where it comes from.

To begin with, what is a SLUT? To a Christian lady I know, Britney Spears is a slut because she shows her cleavage. To another guy I know, ALL women are sluts (except the one he's going to marry, of course). One woman I know (who's had over 40 sexual partners so far and commonly has sex on first dates) considers a woman who cheats during a committed relationship a slut. And another woman I know thinks it's "slutty" to have 3 or more sexual partners on rotation at one time (2 is okay though).

My point is that unless you adhere strictly to religious teachings, what constitutes deviant sexual behavior is a matter of opinion. The word "slut" is subjective to the point that it's meaningless. Yet every woman fears being seen as a slut! With no defining point, it's impossible for a woman to set defining standards for her sexual behavior, and she's always in doubt about it. This end result impacts our ability to sex close a woman.

Not only does a woman not want to be seen as being a slut, she doesn't want to see HERSELF as a slut either. Even when she's alone with you, you're bound to come against some resistance (though in some cases, TOKEN resistance) to sex, no matter how horny you've made her or how badly she might want you. The way to overcome that resistance is to give her an EXCUSE to have sex with you,something she can blame it on to take some "blame" off of herself. This is why a woman will have 2 beers and have sex with a stranger, then blame the beers for clouding her judgment. Or why a woman will backwards-rationalize a one-night stand, saying "Oh it was my cousin's friend's best friend's bachelorette party so it was a special occasion". In other words, she finds something to excuse her behavior.

One VERY powerful technique to disarm resistance is to paint it as YOUR responsibility. Her anti-slut defenses could be disarmed by you claiming that it's YOUR fault, and that she's just helplessly giving in to the moment—and that it's totally normal. Her excuse is—YOU!

Another technique is to actually AGREE to the resistance, de-escalate, then re-escalate again later when she's more comfortable. For example, she moans "Noooo don't touch me there…" and you say "You're right, I shouldn't be touching you there" and you take your hand away. Then you do other things to get her even more hot and bothered, and then you go to touch her there again, finding no resistance this time.

Another way to get through the resistance is to illustrate that it's all in her head. Here's PlayboyLA's red light/green light routine for getting through resistance:

You: You're a study of opposites

Her: What do you mean? I just don't know you well enough yet…

You: Of course – but two people never really know each other – and besides, you and I both know that there's part of you that wants one thing, and another part which wants another.

Her: (Shrugs) Whatever, maybe so

You: There's this, which clearly wants one thing (taking her hand – which had been jerking me off), there is this which wants the same thing (pointing to her tummy – meaning her emotions), and of course this, which clearly wants the same thing (touching her pussy, which was warm and wet)…but, then there's the almighty THIS (pointing to her head)…which wants the opposite. (She giggles here) (So, I'm pacing her reality and showing a real understanding of her inner world).

Her: (giggling) Yes, you're right…

You: You're like a little car in stop and go traffic – so frustrating for the better drivers out there. It's "Red light" (point to head) "green light" (point to hand) – "red light" (point to head) "green light" (point to tummy) – "red light" (point last time at head) "green light" (point to crotch, stay there…)

This had her giggling, really at herself, so I re-escalate this time and each time she stops me I say "red light" and flick her head (slightly painful) while smiling, and each time she allows me to proceed I say "aaah, thank you for the green light"…this pacing and leading routine accompanied with reward/punish has worked a number of times for me.

By Razorjack Method


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