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The Best Pickup Lines

A pickup line is the line that you use to make a casual acquaintance with a woman in anticipation for sex.

Here are some pickup lines:

1."You look familiar, come one how do I know you?? ahhh that's right - you were in my dreams"

2."Did it hurt?? When we fell from heaven?"

3.Do you believe in love at first sight? or should I walk past again.

4. Are you tired? tired of what? Cause you've been running through my mind all day!

But how does the woman feel about it? Here are some replies:

1. I get the really creepy pickup lines like "You look familiar, come one how do I know you?? ahhh that's right - you were in my dreams" and "Did it hurt? When we fell from heaven?"

2. the dumbest line used on me was "Did it hurt????? when u fell from heaven?"

2. Cheesiest pickup line ever used on me was .......I'm hard already after just meeting you stupid eh? lol

3. there's not a great pick up line for girls, pick up lines are so stupid and girls don't like them, if your not normal enough to sit down and carry on a conversation with a girl, get some help!

4. The very nature of pick-up lines, short and often crude, means that there is a low chance of success when they are used.

5. no pick up lines...just talk like normal...if she's at all interested you'll be doing more listening than talking...just remember to really LISTEN that way you'll be able to figure what to say...girls are people too...

And here is some women's suggestion:

1. just be yourself and spontaneous. pick up lines are lame and you would end up looking like a idiot for trying and the only thing that will come out of it is that'll be a good story for her and her friends to make fun of you with. A fun examples is as following:

Once a guy at bus station tapped me on the shoulder and asked "did it hurt? " I wondered did what hurt? then the guy goes on, "when u fell down from heaven." of course a friend of mine started laughing so hard at me so i told the guy her name was angel so he must have meant her.

2. DON'T USE PICK UP LINES! Jesus! Haven't you seen the movies? She will go back out of town if you drop a pick up line. How about- it's so nice to see you? OR, wow! You look great! Or- if she isn't what she seems, tell her? Pick up lines are HORRIBLE!!!!

3. I'd give the guy extra points if he dared to come up to me in a group. What most guys think is a girls night out isn't true most women do go out cos they want to meet guys. It'll show your bravery and most women appreciate that. Go over and introduce yourself to all then start a conversation with the one you're attracted to...pick up lines I'd prefer something unplayer-like...a basic introduction, 'Hi I'm so and so, have I seen you here before?' That way you are playing it safe, she can't kick your *** for it.

4. Spontaneous is the best... pick up lines are lame, some are funny but mostly lame. just introduce yourself or offer to buy her a drink. one that never fails is if a guys asks if he can buy me a beer, but don't overwhelm the girl with all your friends... go by yourself to start and if it's a group of girls hell yeah break the part the seas and talk to the one you want

So instead of using these cheezy pickup lines, using the most effective pickup lines as following - field-tested thousand times

1. Jealous Girlfriend Opener
2. The Cologne Opener
3. The Purpose of Opener: The main purpose of the opener is to get her attention and raise her interest in a chat. It is not a time to hit on her. It is not a time to introduce yourself. It is not a time to compliment her or spend money on her.

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