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How to Approach a Woman in the Park

author: "toecutter"
subject: FR: Croatia BadBoy active disinterest opener

> Leo_H fieldtested this opener 3 weeks ago here. He is in ASF from 2 years
> and from 4 months is back here in Bulgaria. He also think that maybe there
> is something wrong with the chicks:) But anyway, that can’t stop us from
> trying (and fucking)!!!

> Here is his field report: "Wing and I see 3 younger HB’s (6-7), sitting on
> a bench in the park. I go in right away with a version of the Jealous GF
> opener. I still don’t really know how to do the whole body language thing
> so that it looks like I’m about to walk away, cause I’ve never seen anyone
> do it, but I try. So I go like "Hey, we need a quick female opinion on
> something."

> They gives us the whole "Why you talking to us?" look, but Chick1 says OK.
> Me: "Would you date a guy who was still friends with his ex-girlfriend?"
> They all go like "What? What? Yea, of course! Sure. What’s wrong with that?
> Wait, what are you asking?"

Man, the opener was going well, but the guy fucked it up by being nervous and shaking in front of them. I know you believe that this is a cultural thing and that in Eastern Europe it is somehow different. But surely there is some level at which your ex-girlfriend becomes controversial. What you want to do is take it right to that line. Where they all just move from "yeah, I don’t have a problem with that since I am so hip and progressive" to the other side onto "No, that is not cool". If you have to go all the way to nude pic’s, that is pretty far. But keep in mind that women can have more problem with intimate connection than sexual. So rather going that way, you can go "they speak to each other every day" or "she is the first one he calls when he gets good news" route. Regardless of your culture, women are possessive.

It is a formula for opinion opener routines. Ask an opinion about something which at first seems inoxuous but as you go on with the issue it becomes more controversial. Relationships are good. Because you need a female opinion.

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