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When You Are Fxxxing a HB, All The Pain Goes Away

author: "Mystery"
date: Sun, 06 Dec 2003 05:00:00 GMT
newsgroup: alt.seduction.fast
subject: Re: Marriage - real pain?

Q1: Am I out of touch with reality?

yes with specific girls, but no with certain TYPES of girls. If you want a model (even a famous model) that is reasonable. But a SPECIFIC famous model is unrealistic. There are hundreds of models who you would be happy with. They network in posh clubs. Find out which ones. then figure out how to be in the IN crowd and how to be the most original and interesting there.

Q2: When a pu goes bad - any good mental exercise to make sure you really - controllable - put it out of your mind , so it doesn’t come back to haunt you?

yes, move on QUICKLY. TRY again with another girl or group. If the entire day was a waste, think, "this is one day out of the way ... a day closer to the motherlode."

Q3: Is it realistic for me to think " I blew it" by not going after her more aggressively/ seriously?

you never met her LIVE so this wasn't a PU. This was a mere light hearted stalk.

Q4: Mystery talks about being glad when he sees a girl he tried for - but then rejected him - when he sees her. ( I guess just the fact he attempted it) I find, instead, it bums me out, in general. Any way to really get a bad pu out of your mind.?

yes, once you have been fucked regularly, getting out and seeing girls who didn't fuck you will make you feel good to know that you have a better girl at home or on your arm. You haven't been laid lately have you dude?! Its getting to you.

q4.2 How bout when you suddenly see her with some other guy?

I think, AH, human behavior. I personally like to meet the guys. I befriend them and this makes the GIRL feel uncomfortable. The guy then thinks I'm cool.

Q5: Any other book, or tips, recommended for these types of emotional problems?

I can suggest a good strong rope with which to hang yourself.

Q6: Frankly, I’ve never been too interested in marriage. Anybody make me feel better by telling me how bad marriage really is?

marriage is a religious ceremonial ritual based in ancient and outdated doctrine. Western culture still holds onto wacko ancient shit like Halloween. Fun but irrelevant and futile. Its as fucked up as a witches ritual. Marriage has NOTHING to do with natural polyamorous human behavior. Science RULES.

Q7: Anyway to get this out of my mind? I keep flashing back to these events - images - and re-experiencing the resulting pain/ depression.

When you are fucking a HB, all the pain goes away. Honest. Nothing to relax you more than a good cock sucking dude. GOBBLE GOBBLE.

Q8: Anyway to insure this type of self defeating - energy wasting - behavior doesn’t sabotage me again?

Yeah. Get in the habit of thinking more long term. go for WOMEN not WOMAN. Be consistant. Go out alot. Occupy yourself with TRYING not PINING.

By Mystery

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