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On Kiss Closes

DO NOT kiss-close in clubs, unless you have MAD rapport first. REFUSE all kiss-closes. Holding out and building massive rapport, or using time-distortion, is key to showing her that "this is not just a club fling". If she's all over you: "Hands off the merchandise!" If you find yourself kissing her, it's important that YOU be the one to end it first, pulling back and saying something like "Ohhhhh man this is going too fast, we need to control ourselves, etc." The reason for this is that women LOVE foreplay. While guys go out hoping to get sex, a woman can just go out week after week and kiss and grope guys in clubs, and still be satisfied. If you want to see her beyond the club, including taking her home that same night, you have to demonstrate massive value and rapport, and show that you're not just some "One-Night-Foreplay-Stand". Show her that you can control yourself, and you're hard-to-get.

STANDING NEXT TO HB IN BAR: "Will you PLEASE stop touching me?" (Oh, I'm sorry… I didn't know that I was touching you) "Well, you did. And if you're gonna keep doing it, I'd appreciate it if you'd touch a little higher." (Well, touchy touchy) "Don't make me get a chaperone."

(On dance floor or in line at the bar) "Hey, did you just touch my ass?" (no) "No? Well you should!" If the girl finds you cute and feels safe (or tipsy), and she's in a fun mood, she may even slap or touch your ass at that point. Act shocked and say "I was only kidding! I feel VIOLATED. I need a shower now! Or a drink. Buy me a drink."

"What are you doing at a bar? Can't you find a nice normal guy? Or are you desperate?"

If she asks for a light:

(do you have a light?) "Yeah" (pull out, light it, then pull it back) "You know, smoking's really bad for you! It's a dangerous habit." (blah blah) "So, do you have any other dangerous habits?" (suggestively, while lighting cig, her: blah blah) "Like approaching strangers and asking for a light?"

(do you have a light?) "Well it depends. Do you want it to light a cigarette or start a fire in the club?"

You should ALWAYS carry a lighter when you go to a club or bar, since if you don't have one, the woman will ask another guy and engage HIM in conversation instead. If you're peacocking with a cool, interesting lighter (and you SHOULD be) she may make a favorable comment on it (Oh, that lighter's so cool!/Nice lighter!/Let me see it!/etc), say C&F: "You don't care about me, you're just interested in my lighter! How about I leave my lighter with you so that you two can have a nice conversation?"

Or if you're talking to a woman at a bar, and the conversation is going well, you say "OK, let's just cut to the chase... are you going to offer to buy me a drink or what?"

IF SHE SNUBS A DANCE: "Ok, if you want to dance with me later, I'll be around. If I don't have another good-looking girl on my arm then ask me to dance."

By Tyler Durden, Cliff's List

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