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Neg Theory and Routines

Negs are intended to be false-disqualifiers and are intended to lower the target's comparative value to the seducer. Specifically, they are not insults - instead they resemble the comments of a person who does not view the target as being sexually interesting.

However, you should use negs with 9s and preferably 10s only. Don't use a neg on a 7 or 8. The 7s and 8s know what they are - cute, sweet, pretty etc - but not drop-dead beautiful. Their confidence in their own beauty is only fairly high and it could easily be destroyed by a neg.

And the neg hit might backfire with a 9 or even a 10, if you use it when she's really down - in a self-defeating, self-conscious, I'm probably just a 7 or a even 6 mood. Be sensitive to her mood and if, for whatever reason, she seems to be really suffering, forget the neg.

Here are a few examples:

YOU: "I don't think we should get to know each other."
   HER: "Why not?"
   YOU: "I think you are just too much of a nice girl for me."

HER: "Oh, I'm a model."
   YOU: "What, like a hand model or something?"

Nice nails, are they real? No? Oh, well they're nice anyway.

How cute! Your nose wiggles when you talk!

You blink a lot

Those shoes look really comfortable

To her friends: Is she always like this? Is she always like this? How do you roll with her?

You are sooo cute, I'd adopt your. Put a little mat at the foot of my bed... you could sleep there

I like that skirt. I just saw a girl wearing it a few minutes ago

Enjoy IT!!!! ^_^

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